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Kimberley Clayton Blaine, MA, MFT, is the executive producer of the Go-To Mom series and the producer of the branded entertainment show www.MommytoMommy.TV. She is the author of The Internet Mommy & The Go-To Mom’s Parents’ Guide to Emotion Coaching Young Children. In September 2011, Kimberley was named one of the most powerful moms in social media by Working Mother Magazine. Currently, she is a spokesperson for Lego Duplo, Disney Consumer Products, Schick Intuition, and Sony Electronics digital imaging. Kimberley is also a national parenting expert and a licensed Family and Child Therapist specializing in working with children newborn to seven years old. Connect with Kimberley Clayton Blaine on Google+

Riviera Maya Cancun is the Perfect Mexico Family Get-a-Way

The Karisma Hotels and Resorts are made for families. It’s very high end and all meals and unlimited cocktails/drinks are included, for which they call Gourmet Inclusive.  Visit Karisma’s site and to see ALL their hotels click on tab “hotels” for “everyone.”  However, the family properties we liked most were “Azul Resort” and “Generations Maroma” because we have kids under 11 -  This place is just magical… The food is fresh as they have their own organic garden. My kids ate home made yogurt each morning and I had fresh wheat grass juice each day. It was such a nice experience. But be sure you bring water shoes, you never know if the rocks will float up to the swimming part of the resorts. If you have little preschoolers, book an adorable Fisher-Price Family Suite.  Hands down, for kids ages 6-11 we voted that the best rooms to book are the SWIM UP SUITES – where your kids can open the patio door and jump right down in the pool! These rooms get booked very quickly. You literally have to reserve them one year in advance.

If you have kids over 12 you must stay at their resort called the Azul Sensatori – the teen program and amenities are mind blowing!  Karisma Hotels just opened a new hotel in Jamaica you should see as well… We will go back next June for sure when the prices are highly discounted.  WATCH  my VIDEO above to really get a feel of just how luxurious these resorts are…  Check out my PINTEREST CANCUN BOARD! I’m pretty sure you’ll book a trip the minute you see it!

The Azulitos Play House (In partership with Fisher-Price) Keeps Kids Engaged and Entertained! Sometimes it’s nice to have child care around the clock! Parents need alone time too!

 The Go-To Mom team was given a complimentary stay at the resort. Kimberley Blaine only supports products and services that contribute to the overall well-being of families and children.


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Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been

Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been. -Mark Twain

March is my birth month.  The sensitive Pisces.  I’m pushing 50 and can’t believe how life has happened so fast.  My husband always tells my boys, “Don’t ever ask a lady’s age or weight.”  I laugh and think, why?  Because she’ll feel ‘lesser than’ others?  All dried up and aged so she’s no longer ripe for the picking?  As long as women in the 40′s – 50′s feel their time is up, it will be up… Women need to flaunt, wave in the air and shout out just how glorious mid- life can be.  The beauty of growing a few years older brings many life lessons and humble beginnings.  The second half of life you don’t have to try so hard, you’ve put in your time and know what’s most valued in life!  Play is of utmost importance it wards off disease and keeps you physically and mentally alert.  When I was in my 30′s I took advantage of many perks of youth, such as fast metabolism, no gray hair and smooth skin and minimal facial lines.   I didn’t realize at the time how my physical appearance would change.  I also didn’t think that I needed much self-improvement.   But as my career was unfolding  I was emotionally unequipped to deal with the intense demands of some of my work.  I didn’t take it stride because I needed to do more in-depth personal growth to thrive in a competitive space.  Sometimes youth cheats you because it gives you more time — time delay what’s really important.   Today I look at at my gray hairs (which I despise) and the creases around my eyes as badges of honor.  I say honor because it wasn’t until recently that I truly realized how honored I am to be here. Yes, aging brings the inevitable sagging, hair loss and re-alignment of body fat, BUT, if you take care of yourself and believe your soul deserves to live in total health, you’ll find a way.

So today on my day of birth I promise to look age in the eye and say, “Screw you. You have absolutely no power over my happiness. You have no bearing on my commitment to how I keep my body energized and potent.  The lines that grow deep around my eyes and mouth are from endless hours of laughing and living.  I won’t fall prey to believing that women my age should always look photo-shopped or have to fit into size 3 jeans.  I’m aware and know that real happiness is built from within no matter how old you are and real beauty is all about how much self-love you have.  I’m pretty sure that walking into a room blissfully, not caring what other’s think, shoots your beauty up 10-fold.  Showing others you’re genuinely interested while giving them love and undivided attention makes you more beautiful than any make-up could.  So in the next years, as I approach the big 50 – I say bring it on baby – I’m ready to knock your socks off!”

Nobody grows old merely by living a number of years. We grow old by deserting our ideals. Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.  -Samuel Ullman

We are always the same age inside.  – Gertrude Stein

Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty.  -Coco Chanel

You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old.  – George Burns

I think your whole life shows in your face and you should be proud of that. -Lauren Bacall

Age does not protect you from love. But love, to some extent, protects you from age.  -Jeanne Moreau

Old age is no place for sissies.   -Bette Davis

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.  -Henry Ford


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Choose time over money and people over stuff

“Choose time over money and people over stuff.”  – Courtney Carver

How many times have you chose to work and decline precious moments with the ones you love?  I’m sure many of your days are dedicated to maintaining status quo, paying bills, making sure that all stays afloat in your life.  Just how much money to you think you’ve spent in your lifetime over things you ‘thought’ you should have because they’d bring more joy?  Did the bigger home, more expensive car payment and tricked out shoes fit the bill? Did they fill your heart and remind you that if you die tomorrow you’d be happy with what you have today?  I’m not saying that I don’t like nice things. I love my fancy watch, but also know that I only need one and if it’s a good watch it should last for years.  I’d rather spend my hard earned dollars on a healthy meal if it meant I could spend more time chatting it up with those I adore.  We all say we are ‘too’ busy.  Yes we’re all busy, but are we really too busy to spend quality time with those who matter most?  I rarely spend money on chachkies, but when my boys want to go to craft or hobby store I’m happy to buy them something to paint or build.  The time spent with my kids is invaluable. I’d rather paint for hours at  ‘Color Me Mine‘  than go to an amusement park where our relationship gets lost in the glitz and bright lights.  Sharing food, time and love is what I want my cherished moments with others to be about.

How about you?  What do you cherish? If you could spend your hard earned dollars what would it be spent on?  Who are the people you’d do anything for? I want to know!

It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves in finding themselves. – Andre Gide

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Scottsdale Family Desert Vacation at the Hyatt Scottsdale at Gainey Ranch

 Just a hop skip and a jump from LA (5 hour drive) the Hyatt at Gainey Ranch was a pleasant surprise. It looked like a high-end adult resort with many fit people in tennis shoes and work-out wear enjoying the property but little did we know just how family oriented it was.  As we checked in I was handed a prickly pair margarita… how did they know what this mama needed? Oh, yes, it’s the desert! We stayed in one of the large family executive suites with a huge couch — which the kids loved to sleep on! We found that this Hyatt did their best to offer us more spacious rooms since we were a family. Very cool I’d say! The dining room was so elegant and large — we felt like we were at home. The staff was prompt and very accommodating – you know kids, they always want more pillows and blankets. The kids dabbled in early morning tennis and then slid down the 4 story water slide dozens of times when the heat picked up. If you have little kids, the sandy beach pool is quite impressive. Most of the pools had handicap drop down chairs as well. It’s good to know that Hyatt cares and that they respond to the special needs of all guests.

The biggest perk of all is the 24-hour market in the lobby (which offers Starbucks too!). As a mom who travels quite a bit with the boys, I loved this feature. It was a lifesaver. If you’re a parent you know what I mean!  And just when you think this resort couldn’t get any better…Doggie parking? Yes! Kids, dogs, 24-hour store, learning center, beach pool, organic food and amazing service. I’d say this hotel is worth checking out if you’re heading for the desert!

FYI… At Hyatt Regency resorts, you get more for less. With the Hyatt Family Plan you can save up to 50% on a second guest room for the kids. They are giving you the value you deserve because they know it’s the memories that matter! 

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Hilton Los Cabos is an Award-Winning Luxury Service for Families

The photos Online of the Hilton Los Cabos do not do it justice. When we arrived it was a grand spectacle of beautiful eye candy representing the true Mexican Riviera  — Bold, bright and very alluring!  A great perk of coming here in the summer is that kids eat FREE! What made this trip to Cabo so worthwhile was the staff were so friendly and accommodating and the amenities were endless: Gym, spa, fresh cuisine, access to swimmable cove beach and pool/ocean side service, cooking lessons by head chef and complimentary child care/Cabo kids club and having a doctor and nurse on site. The Hilton car service was prompt, safe and made getting there so easy!

Our favorite part of the trip was eating at the swim up Sushi bar called La Barca.  The cocktails were delicious and you can tell they used only use premium alcohol  – no watered down beverage there. They had two pools: The awesome infinity pool was just below and in front of the main dining areas. The other pool, which I call the quiet secret Sushi bar pool, was our preference. It was serene, the pool staff were attentive and kind and the view was breathtaking.  It was fun to see all the families in the pool with their babies. This place has met the criteria in my rating system as “appropriate for families with young kids.” Which is not easy to find in Mexico. One unique program they offer for FREE, yes I said FREE, is the Cabo Kids which for kids ages 4 – 12… if it gets too hot you can walk them over to the club and they can play, relax or do arts and crafts…. How cool is that? Now that’s a great hotel that caters to families who travel. Be careful, most often the tides are very strong and you have to swim with your kids if you let them in the ocean!

It was a pleasant surprise to have a variety of food options and places that are within the hotel — One night we wanted to take advantage of the happy hour in the La Vista bar. So we ate at La Vista bar quite a bit because the food was spectacular. I can honestly say I’ve never had a quesadilla so fresh and hearty before! And you can’t beat half-off prices for drinks!  If you do stay at the Hilton be sure to sign up for “Cooking Lessons” with the head chef. Oh boy is that a treat!

One day we rented a pool bed so we’d have shade all day – and it overlooked the ocean and was right next to the swim up sushi bar, so I was clearly in Heaven!  Traveling increases my overall feeling of wellness – this trip was so needed. I look forward to returning for a ‘girls weekend’ away and for a ‘family getaway’ – Trip advisor was right…. This is one of the best high-end luxury places to stay for families. During the day they have an abundance of water activities that the hotel can arrange for you at the famous arch of Cabo San Lucas – which is the rugged El Arco (The Arch), a rock formation that erupts from the sea at the tip of the Baja Peninsula.

Plan your escape to paradise at Hilton Los Cabos Beach & Golf Resort, a premier Cabo San Lucas hotel. They deliver award-winning service and unparalleled accommodation sure to make your experience – no matter the occasion – truly one-of-a-kind.  They are ideally situated in the Los Cabos Corridor along the Sea of Cortez, offering direct access to the one of Cabo’s only swim-safe beaches. Explore their beautifully maintained grounds, dive into the opulent Infinity Edge pool, lounge and relax with personable poolside bar service – or make it all of the above. At Hilton Los Cabos, the perfect vacation is whatever you want it to be.

The Go-To Mom was given a complimentary stay at the resort. Kimberley Blaine only supports products and services that contribute to the overall well-being of families and children.

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Risk Being Seen in All Your Glory

“Risk being seen in all your glory.”  – Jim Carrey

I used to think if people knew that I knew things, they’d think I was weird. I’ve  spent much of my life hiding the fact that I have an innate knowledge of many things, even things I have not studied.  As I grew up, concepts of suffering and humanity flew in to my thought process that I didn’t necessarily seek.  As time passed I was naturally pulled into the teachings and life style beliefs that are all core to Buddhism. For over 20 years I lived with Buddhist practices as it was all I was comfortable doing, but also felt if any one knew they’d question my decision, motives and reasoning.  The time for which I experimented with life and didn’t cherish and honor my soul I ended up crashing to the floor because I wasn’t wholeheartedly practicing what I believed.  When I hit rock bottom I believed I had no value.  It was a huge risk for me to show the world that I had issues so deep that I didn’t want to live anymore.  Being displaced was what I knew best. Growing up in mentally unstable home forced me to connect with the universe in a very spiritual and loving way. All I had was myself.

As a child I studied everything I could about compassion, psychology, science, love, relationships and social interaction. Through years of introspection, therapy and spiritual healing I decided to get to know the real me.  One miraculous theme rose to the top of my psyche and wouldn’t leave. I knew as a child and I believe now, if I want to forever live in peace and harmony, I must teach the world to live the same way.  If I stray from compassion then others stray.  If I love, then others love.  Raising my boys with this knowledge brings joy into my heart.  As they have the core principles of what the world needs, it comes naturally to them.  I birthed my boys loving them even before I met them. Because they were born into love, love is all they know.  My highest hopes are for my sons to see their struggles as passing moments and lessons and not as their  sole identities.  The words of Joseph Campbell are indeed true,  “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” 

I am forever grateful you have come to read about living a more healthy and positive life. I have found and I’m sure you know that:

1.  When you give love you get love. Criticizing or judging others will never get you the love you want.

2.  Holding on to resentment only leaves you cold and stale inside. Once we forgive others and ourselves it’s a lot easier to live peacefully and lovingly.

3.  Drama and negativity are ways to distract oneself from pain and suffering. Once you give up drama all the valuable work  will happen within.

4.  No one really cares what you do or what you look like. People are too busy and preoccupied with themselves. When we take the pressure off  ‘being’ perfect life feels free, unrestricted and worthwhile.

5.  You don’t ever need a reason to help someone. Reach out. You’ll be surprised at how many people are waiting to hear from you.

6.  People who don’t listen are in pain. They incessantly talk and don’t listen because no one has ever listen to them, made them feel worthy or have accepted them unconditionally. Have compassion and a new understanding of others instead of defaulting to judgment.

7.  We’re all doing the best we can with what we’ve got. Until one does some pretty deep introspection, it’s hard to make changes. Having this knowledge is the first step to into personal growth so the real self can thrive.

8.  You are ultimately responsible for your own peace of mind. The minute you stop expecting others to meet your needs, you can begin to take care of yourself in the most optimal way!

9.   The planet needs you in one form or another. It’s up to you to tap into how you can serve the universe with your unique god-given power.

 “The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love and to be greater than our suffering.”  — Ben Okri

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5 Pets and a Spotless home indeed!


If you know me, you know I’m obsessed with animals. Having loving pets in the home increases my kid’s knowledge of empathy and compassion for all living things. My pets are treated like royalty in my home! I’m a little OCD, well alot! But like other moms I strive to keep a clean and nice smelling home, but it can be a challenge with two active boys who spill and stain the couch and pups who track in mud and dirt. I’m excited to be launching a series of #co-sponsored videos with www.Pet360.com who is owned my PetSmart. If you love kitties and doggies be sure to follow me & my crazy pet posts on Twitter  and on Instagram  or come visit my pet parenting column at Pet360.com! For me, it’s important to find a cleaner that not only cleans but sanitizes too! While I’ve used my fair share of spot treaters and sanitizers, I’ve never had one product do both at the same time…until now! Woolite® Advanced Pet Stain & Odor Remover + Sanitize has one powerful formula that can destroy 99.9 percent of bacteria* and eliminate tough pet odors on carpet and upholstery for a cleaner home. See, everyone’s happy when mom’s happy! I use Woolite to clean all my cat vomit, cat urine, stained carpet, dog poop accidents and cat hairballs…

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Huntington Beach Hotel – The Art of Family Hospitality

You can’t go wrong choosing sunny southern California as a family vacation spot. We choose the Hyatt Huntington Beach Resort and Spa because of their spacious rooms, access to the beach and a killer pool for the kids. And for us parents, we enjoyed the gym and spa as part as the experience as well.  The resort is just steps across a bridge to a beach where beach chairs and umbrellas await for you to relax and enjoy the shimmering views of the Pacific. Innovative, Spanish-inspired architecture sets the scene for an awesome family getaway, complete with pampering spa treatments, high-end restaurants, ocean adventures and amazing service …and a fun place to enjoy surfing, a trip to Catalina Island or indulge in arts and entertainment. You may want to come when it’s not summer, as the hotel is very popular and gets very crowded!

On our first day we rented a poolside private cabana at Slyders Water Playground – which is suited for kids 2 – 10 years old.  If you have older kids, there’s a main pool which is larger. When you reserve a cabana it comes with a flat screen TV, wireless internet, and mini-fridge that can be stocked with your family’s favorite goodies.  If you don’t get a cabana it’s good to know that all the seating around the kids pool is situated around a bar called Shubee’s Cafe  — where it’s easy to access yummy snacks, smoothies, fresh fruit and cool cocktails. Happy hour at the pool started at 4pm each day – yes, I’m sure you all wanted to know that right?  The cool thing about the Slyders Water Playground is it has three water slides that drop into two splash pools, a ribbon shaped main pool, shallow children’s wading pool, two fire pits for roasting marshmallows and nine private cabanas.  On the days we didn’t eat at Shubee’s cafe we’d venture around the front of the hotel to Surf City Pete’s Sunset Grille, which is located on the former site of the famous Mallory Surf Board Factory.  This casual grill is great for lunch or dinner — inspired by top surfing destinations from around the globe. If you go to Pete’s you must get their s’mores Cake!

Our family suite was large and perfect for our kids! But we were excited to try The Pacific Waters Spa which is a lovely upscale experience and is must if you need relaxing and alone time  – they fuse a Mediterranean feel with inspirations from the Pacific waters off the Southern California coast. It is so gorgeous! My masseuse was a gal named Marin. She was so impressive, and gave me the exact type of massage I asked for. I truly believe that was the best massage I’d ever had and I had many! Their products are extracted directly from the earth and sea utilizing organic elements that include mud, algae, plant minerals, fruits, seaweed and even purified seawater. The spa smells good, is immaculate, and just a serene place to be… you can do the sauna, steam, waterfall showers, private whirlpools and outdoor relaxation areas. While my hubby and I had some alone time to workout and go to the spa, the kids went to Camp Hyatt where they played ball, swam, and played on the beach.  The hotel does have a Travel Lite program for families with babies. It allows you to order all of your baby and infant supplies online and have them delivered to your room.

On the last night we dined at a more formal place called the Watertable restaurant and it’s the resorts newest restaurant. Watertable combines rustic and refined, old and new – in both design and cuisine. The menu features grill centric American fare, paired with a selection of vintage world-class wines, craft brews, artisanal cocktails, craft and naturally infused waters. If you’re considering sunny California for a trip check out the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort & Spa.

 The Go-To Mom was given a complimentary stay at the resort. Kimberley Blaine only supports products and services that contribute to the overall well-being of families and children.

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We were built for challenge and greatness. Reasons we must claim our happiness

“We are not broken… never have been and never will be.” Penache Desai

We are all born pure and innocent. How can we get back there and show the world what we’ve got?

It isn’t until about the sixth year of life children are expected to behave like little adults. At this time in our lives we realized we must stop our childish ways, buck up, be silenced and conform to adult norms. As we navigate our childhood into adulthood we lose the rawness of the self and shed the innocent nature of our soul. We harden each year we grow. We learn to be judgmental, insecure and self-conscious as we step into our adult armor. Knowing this today will better equip you to accept the child within that emerges in your present adult life. This inner child who hardens is often seen as our ego self… When we positively meet our inner-child’s needs and integrate past unsolved issues, we bring that innocent self back and feed the soul. When you starve or numb your inner child, you encourage your ego to go outside itself to find power. The ego will stop at nothing to win and take down others with little regret.  Our greatest feat as happy human beings is to get back in touch with the pure and loving self that we were born into. Loving and nurturing the real soul keeps the ego in check.


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Why I choose Montana as the Ultimate Place to Unplug

There’s nothing more relaxing than relaxing in the river front taking in the beauty of Montana. I took my sidekick Beth, the founder of Techmamas.com, with me to film this episode for Sony. Little did we know that The Resort at Paws Up  would be the next biggest love of our lives. It was more than eye candy it was heart melting. We will never forget how joyful it was to watch our children roam the land with their walkie talkies, riding horses, shooting bow and arrows and having an unforgettable chuck wagon dinner.

We filmed on this beautiful property to feature the newest cyber-shot HX 20V. This particular pocket sized camera has a 40x zoom lens which blew away my camera man, because I was able to photograph an eagle’s face with this tiny little camera. It’s hard to believe that Beth an I who are two very techie mamas could unwind and unplug for any period of time. We did it and we are so appreciative that we were able to experience the luxury of The Resort at Paws Up and capturing our memories on the new Sony Cyber-shot HX 20V.

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JW Desert Ridge Resort is Perfect for Kids Who Love a Lazy River!

 We decided to enjoy an Arizona family vacation since my sister lives there. The JW Marriott Desert Ridge resort features acres of swimming pools, Lazy River with waterslide, whirlpools and poolside dining and a huge grassy lawn to kick balls or to chase the little ones around.  The surrounding beauty was quite shocking, as it was so plush and green, and not something typical for the desert.  The kids stayed in the lazy river pool for hours on end! It took me forever to convince them to come with me to swim in the big water feature pool! The frozen cocktails were delightful and perfect to cool down with in the mid day heat. When the sun went down, we enjoyed the live band down on the terrace as the kids played on the grassy knoll across from us.  I could relax and watch the kids from where I was situated. This hotel is designed for families and the rooms are very upscale, clean and refreshing.  That’s an important feature I look for when traveling with the kids.  If you have toddlers and preschoolers they have two other water areas that just shout, “We love kids!” If you’re interested in a desert vacation be sure to check out the JW Desert Ridge

The Go-To Mom team was given a complimentary stay at the resort. Kimberley Blaine only supports products and services that contribute to the overall well-being of families and children.

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Indeed @SunValley has stole my heart and sun-kissed my soul forever

Sun Valley is the place where it all began. An idyllic valley that became the setting for a winter playground that drew the famous, the glamorous and the accomplished. The first chairlift was invented here. Hemingway made his home here. Step inside The Sun Valley Story and discover the people and places that helped define an American icon.  Purchase the Coffee Table Book!  

If you’ve never been to Sun Valley Idaho you’re probably expecting a vast sunny mountain with glorious skiing for the whole family.  What you don’t know is it’s so much more than that. I went with a typical ski town expectation, but once I experienced Sun Valley Resort, my soul was touched and I was sun-kissed forever. Idaho has a special place in my heart that goes far beyond traveling and skiing. The blue skies glow, the town is solid and historical and the community is very cohesive.  Every single person I met was so kind and generous and I wasn’t sure if this place was real.  But it is.  I grew up in Los Angeles, which is known for it’s rich Hollywood history.  So you can see why I felt connected immediately. It’s like I left home to get to another place that felt like home.  I began to ski at age thirteen and have been traveling the west with my kids to find the best places for families who love to ski. I prefer niche cities, cute towns and unique villages that offer that one-of-a-kind experience. And I know when I get it because my kids beg and plead to return every time.

I was such an honor to meet Carol Holding in her construction cowboy hard-hat as I took the tour of the currently-renovated lodge! She is the resort owner for the last 37 years with her late husband Earl.  I felt the charm and connected essence of the resort because of Carol Holding and all she’s invested in the lodges and community.  She says, “There are few more enduring icons of quality and hospitality in the world than the Sun Valley Lodge.  Our family has loved Sun Valley for over three decades. We have always tried to make it better while maintaining the personal and intimate feeling that makes it so special. We want to keep the wonderful feeling of the Lodge while at the same time providing the modern comforts and conveniences that our guests expect, fitting the Lodge for the next 75 years of fun in the sun.”

Jack Sibbach, the PR director (pictured in yellow jacket) encouraged me to take the tour  of the newly renovated Sun Valley Lodge – so put on my hard-hat and got a preview.  The lodge was originally constructed in 1936 as America’s first destination ski resort. The project will refurbish guest rooms as well as update the lobby, restaurant and other guest amenities. Some of the smallest rooms will be combined to create suites with fireplaces and expanded bathrooms with large showers, baths and vanity areas. I also got a few tips from Jack on how to enhance my snow bunny skills on the mountain. On my next trip back, I will be sure he takes me on the double black moguls runs! If you have kids you’ll want a condo or house for sure, check out options here! We stayed in the deluxe condos which were big and perfect for families. Just walk across the street to shuttle pick up that comes every 15-minutes on the hour.   We kept our skis at the mountain that offers free storage… so we didn’t have to carry them back and forth to our condo, it’s great perk of staying with Sun Valley Properties.


Dollar Mountain is an entire mountain dedicated to teaching new skiers! How cool is that? It’s gentle, treeless terrain makes it an incredible environment to begin your life long journey in the ski and snowboard world. In addition, Dollar Mountain is home to the new and progressive terrain based learning center, new adventure trails, a variety of terrain parks and a world-class half pipe.

Bald Mountain has pristine groomers, long wide-open trails, and challenging terrain.  Bald Mountain is for skiers and snowboarders of intermediate and expert levels. The runs are gloriously long and you rarely encounter any crowds. You’ll never find more than 10 people in lift line which makes this ski resort one-of-a-kind.  All the slope-side cafes serve up dishes that range from gourmet meals to simple lunches and offer jaw-dropping views. Every structure in Sun Valley Resort looks like a luxury lodge.  For a sleepy well-kept secret, this place is very luxurious.


Trail Creek Cabin is Sun Valley’s destination for romantic dining in a rustic, early-Western atmosphere. Originally built in 1937, this mountain-style log cabin-turned-restaurant sits right next to the rushing waters of Trail Creek, with a jaw-dropping view of Bald Mountain in the distance. Accessible by sleigh or car, its large outdoor patio and picnic area are the perfect backdrops for chef Wendy Little’s seasonal menu, which includes her famous Teton Waters Ranch cowboy rib-eye steak, cedar-planked wild salmon and Brass Ranch meatloaf.


Konditorei is an Austrian-inspired cafe warms you by the fire with fresh-baked pastries, locally roasted, fair trade and organic coffees, and delish hot cocoa. One day I ate breakfast, lunch and dinner here! I sat by the fire and the staff even got to know what I liked to eat! It’s very casual, simple and fast but great fresh food. And if you are seeking something beyond continental café fare, chef Hal Jardine’s focused, classic dishes bring you to an alpine state of mind in the chalet-inspired dining room.


I can’t ski in baggie snow boarder outfits, I work hard to stay fit and when I’m zooming down the hill I want to feel that 1950’s girlie ski vibe. I like my ski pants snug, jacket cute and skis fast.   Some of my favorites this year are the Eden Pant, Meister Snow Sweater and the Heaven Insulated Stretch Pant.  If you use my discount code GOTOMOM you’ll get 20% off any purchase at Fera Style!  Fera is the perfect fit for curvy women.  Today I’m proud to be an ambassador for Fera Style when I’m out and about in the snow or skiing. I hope you take the opportunity to try some of their products out using my coupon code listed above!  You can see by the photos that their parkas, pants and sweaters are sophisticated, classy and very functional. The price point is good as all their merchandise is very high quality and in line with the ski trends each year. Share the love! Use HASTAGS: #FeelFera #FeraStyle

Soybu’s “Peace” jacket was awesome as one of my outer layers when I was off the slopes.  Soybu has great every-day-wear and a chic line for those who do yoga or live an active lifestyle. They are planning to launch a plus-size line soon too. Check them out!

My accommodations and lift tickets were provided Sun Valley Resort. I will only promote, endorse and support companies that have the highest standards in products and/or services that contribute to the well-being of families.

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Savoring Life’s Sweet Spot – Stop Killing Your Inner Guide

“Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.” ~ Omar Khayyam

There is no perfect person or a perfect place to be. Living in the past keeps you continually stuck. Striving only for the future leaves you absence of today’s presence. Somewhere in between lies the meaning of life, the sweet spot. Yet, how do we strive to be the best when we have issues or wounds from the past? How can we say that we’re trying our hardest if we don’t plan for the future? Where is this in between? We have choices when we walk our unique road — we can stumble upon the rocks, walk around the rocks or clamor down upon the rocks. Thinking that we do not have a choice is where we go wrong. It’s our awareness that makes us deliberately conscious on how we walk the path laid ahead.  How much pain can you endure? The more psychic pain you can experience the sweeter the after moments will be. When we put off feeling emotional pain or resist opening and dealing with our baggage we lose opportunities for joy. The more skeletons we shove in the closest the less room we have for happiness and god-given authentic living.

As Oprah says, “There is no such thing as luck.” Opportunities only come to those who are prepared  — prepared for their life destiny. When external noise and superficial issues become distractions we loose site of the shore. When we lose site of the shore, we disconnect from our purpose, our dream and our destiny. Our destiny is out of reach when we believe we don’t have choices. What are your distractions, the things that keep you from being prepared? I ask this because when you’re ready life comes. It’s comes big, it comes ready to deliver all you deserve and desire. The longer you’re willing to keep your hands tied behind your back the more likely you’re a believer of luck. Just like the lotto players say, “If I’m lucky, I’ll win.” That’s not how it works. What we all desire is NOT right in front us – it’s inside of us. It’s our job to tap into that energy and insight. I ask again…what are your life distractions? And what are you willing to do to live your destiny?

 My goal today is to live a state of grace and lightness. I will not invite struggle or drama. I will say yes more and smile often.


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Trim Your Kids’ Nails the Fun Way!

Sometimes it tough to get kids to do the things we need them to do, like sit still for a nail trimming. Try this fun game and see how the magic unfolds through storytelling.

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The Importance of Attachment Objects

Does your child carry a blanket or stuffed animal for comfort? There’s good reason why small children need their loveys (comfort objects). They are a representation of you! Instead of wondering when your little one will give up her lovey, try figuring out ways to preserve it.  A comfort object helps children of all ages develop self-soothing skills. Because very young children have difficulty regulating their emotions, a transitional object is a conduit to emotional well-being. Blankies become a symbol for the parents or caregiver—they provide safety and joy. The child who bonds with a blanket is attaching to a parent substitute. Babies tend to bond with blankets and stuffed animals between the ages of five and nine months—when they begin to grasp objects and are realizing their separateness from their parents and are moving toward independence. Of course they can bond later to objects when they’re older, but this is the ideal time. When you introduce a blanket and stuffed animals to your baby, be sure to have more than one. Wash and rotate them equally so that baby bonds to them all. Both my sons have a couple of miniature blankets, which they call “Mimi’s”—God forbid if one ever got lost! My childhood blanket is currently stowed away in my keepsake chest—I even took it to college! It tickles me when my sons ask, “Mommy, where is your Mimi?”

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