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Kimberley Clayton Blaine, MA, MFT, is the executive producer of the Go-To Mom series and the producer of the branded entertainment show www.MommytoMommy.TV. She is the author of The Internet Mommy & The Go-To Mom’s Parents’ Guide to Emotion Coaching Young Children. In September 2011, Kimberley was named one of the most powerful moms in social media by Working Mother Magazine. Currently, she is a spokesperson for Lego Duplo, Disney Consumer Products, Schick Intuition, and Sony Electronics digital imaging. Kimberley is also a national parenting expert and a licensed Family and Child Therapist specializing in working with children newborn to seven years old. Connect with Kimberley Clayton Blaine on Google+

Hilton Los Cabos is an Award-Winning Luxury Service for Families

The photos Online of the Hilton Los Cabos do not do it justice. When we arrived it was a grand spectacle of beautiful eye candy representing the true Mexican Riviera  — Bold, bright and very alluring!  A great perk of coming here in the summer is that kids eat FREE! What made this trip to Cabo so worthwhile was the staff were so friendly and accommodating and the amenities were endless: Gym, spa, fresh cuisine, access to swimmable cove beach and pool/ocean side service, cooking lessons by head chef and complimentary child care/Cabo kids club and having a doctor and nurse on site. The Hilton car service was prompt, safe and made getting there so easy!

Our favorite part of the trip was eating at the swim up Sushi bar called La Barca.  The cocktails were delicious and you can tell they used only use premium alcohol  – no watered down beverage there. They had two pools: The awesome infinity pool was just below and in front of the main dining areas. The other pool, which I call the quiet secret Sushi bar pool, was our preference. It was serene, the pool staff were attentive and kind and the view was breathtaking.  It was fun to see all the families in the pool with their babies. This place has met the criteria in my rating system as “appropriate for families with young kids.” Which is not easy to find in Mexico. One unique program they offer for FREE, yes I said FREE, is the Cabo Kids which for kids ages 4 – 12… if it gets too hot you can walk them over to the club and they can play, relax or do arts and crafts…. How cool is that? Now that’s a great hotel that caters to families who travel. Be careful, most often the tides are very strong and you have to swim with your kids if you let them in the ocean!

It was a pleasant surprise to have a variety of food options and places that are within the hotel — One night we wanted to take advantage of the happy hour in the La Vista bar. So we ate at La Vista bar quite a bit because the food was spectacular. I can honestly say I’ve never had a quesadilla so fresh and hearty before! And you can’t beat half-off prices for drinks!  If you do stay at the Hilton be sure to sign up for “Cooking Lessons” with the head chef. Oh boy is that a treat!

One day we rented a pool bed so we’d have shade all day – and it overlooked the ocean and was right next to the swim up sushi bar, so I was clearly in Heaven!  Traveling increases my overall feeling of wellness – this trip was so needed. I look forward to returning for a ‘girls weekend’ away and for a ‘family getaway’ – Trip advisor was right…. This is one of the best high-end luxury places to stay for families. During the day they have an abundance of water activities that the hotel can arrange for you at the famous arch of Cabo San Lucas – which is the rugged El Arco (The Arch), a rock formation that erupts from the sea at the tip of the Baja Peninsula.

Plan your escape to paradise at Hilton Los Cabos Beach & Golf Resort, a premier Cabo San Lucas hotel. They deliver award-winning service and unparalleled accommodation sure to make your experience – no matter the occasion – truly one-of-a-kind.  They are ideally situated in the Los Cabos Corridor along the Sea of Cortez, offering direct access to the one of Cabo’s only swim-safe beaches. Explore their beautifully maintained grounds, dive into the opulent Infinity Edge pool, lounge and relax with personable poolside bar service – or make it all of the above. At Hilton Los Cabos, the perfect vacation is whatever you want it to be.

The Go-To Mom was given a complimentary stay at the resort. Kimberley Blaine only supports products and services that contribute to the overall well-being of families and children.

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LA’s Best Kept Secret Vacation Spot – The Langham Pasadena

If you love old-world charm then this is your place. We swam in the pool and played around the awesome Japanese garden most of the time! When I got a mommy break, I went to workout at gym in the new Chuan Spa.  The Langham’s spa is a haven of wellness and transformation, which features treatment rooms including a couple’s suite and VIP suite, sauna, herbal steam and whirlpool, a fitness center and full service salon. The Langham is most unique as it captures the grace and elegance of classic Southern California and is located at the base of San Gabriel Mountains, just minutes from Downtown Los Angeles in beautiful Pasadena.  Although Pasadena is best known as the host of the annual Tournament of Roses Parade and Rose Bowl football game, the City also boasts numerous cultural offerings, academic institutions, fine restaurants and top retailers.

Our large family stayed in a private detached bungalow. They are so cute and definitely have that old Hollywood charm… If you like a more modern new flare, then the main building is where you’d want to stay… Families will enjoy using the Club Lounge when they book their rooms.  The Club Lounge offers all-day refreshments and five culinary and beverage presentations throughout the day. Within the private sanctuary of the Club Lounge, you have access to concierge services, a computer, premium Internet access, and a selection of newspapers and magazines.

If you come on a weekend you’re little ones can enjoy, “Kids Crafts by Little Junebugs. Little Junebugs is where young kids can participate in summer-themed crafts. Crafting classes take place every Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to Noon near the Hideaway Pool Bar. The crafts include decorating hats, building cork boats, making sand art and much more! Or ask about the “Langham Huntington Kids Program” when you make your reservations. For $30 your child will receive a teddy bear backpack, craft supplies, list of local activities in Pasadena and a coupon for a complimentary kids dinner and a comp’d fire pit s’more!

This hotel has many gorgeous restaurants and bars on the main level! Or if you like poolside dining, then The Terrace is for you! It serves breakfast, lunch and dinner daily and a delectable breakfast buffet and Dim Sum Sunday Brunch. It’s the most family oriented menu of the three places to dine on site. The Terrace’s outdoor patio offers guests lovely alfresco dining with views of the Picture Bridge and pool, and provides the perfect setting for a business lunch or relaxing dinner. Next time you visit LA, be sure to make a trip out to historic Pasadena and visit the Langham!

The Go-To Mom was given a complimentary stay at the resort. Kimberley Blaine only supports products and services that contribute to the overall well-being of families and children.


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Riviera Maya Cancun is the Perfect Mexico Family Get-a-Way

The Karisma Hotels and Resorts are made for families. It’s very high end and all meals and unlimited cocktails/drinks are included, for which they call Gourmet Inclusive.  Visit Karisma’s site and to see ALL their hotels click on tab “hotels” for “everyone.”  However, the family properties we liked most were “Azul Resort” and “Generations Maroma” because we have kids under 11 – The have adorable Fisher-Price Family Suites for families with younger kids. The best part of the rooms are the SWIM UP SUITES – where your kids can open the patio door and jump right down in the pool! This place is just magical… The food is fresh as they have their own organic garden. My kids ate home made yogurt each morning and I had fresh wheat grass juice each day. It was such a nice experience. But be sure you bring water shoes, you never know if the rocks will float up to the swimming part of the resorts.

If you have kids over 12 you must stay at their resort called the Azul Sensatori – the teen program and amenities are mind blowing!  Karisma Hotels just opened a new hotel in Jamaica you should see as well… We will go back next June for sure when the prices are highly discounted.  WATCH  my VIDEO above to really get a feel of just how luxurious these resorts are…  Check out my PINTEREST CANCUN BOARD! I’m pretty sure you’ll book a trip the minute you see it!

The Go-To Mom team was given a complimentary stay at the resort. Kimberley Blaine only supports products and services that contribute to the overall well-being of families and children.

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My love affair with Big Sky Country – Montana

“I’m in love with Montana. For other states I have admiration, respect, recognition, even some affection. But with Montana it is love. And it’s difficult to analyze love when you’re in it.”  John Steinbeck

I had no idea where I was going. We landed in Missoula Montana and I was expecting to pull up to a flat, dry space with a few barns and cabins spread about. We had a gig to shoot a show at Paws Up Resort to feature their “Glamping” experience – which was spectacular – you can see my video we shot for a Sony. Little did I know that my life would change as we pulled out of the Podunk airport and up the glorious road to the ranch. For nearly 40 minutes I was speechless and couldn’t help but peer out the window with a true sense of awe. Was this place real? It was eerie. I was overcome with complete serenity and I forgot I was with my entire family in a car. As I looked at the vast land, cows, lakes, old burnt down structures, mountains, rolling grass hills, farms and literally empty roads I couldn’t help think I was a pawn in some type of game. Was this real? Was I born in cave coming for California? I’ve been to the mountains, Yosemite, Canada, Utah, Colorado you name a ski resort and I’ve been there! But this, this was beginning of a real love affair. The homes on mirror-imaged lakes where innocent, they screamed, “This is what living should be.” I kept insisting that this might be a movie set of some sort. But as we drove, the land was far too big to be so. I felt this yearning to live there. A sense of peace and that the world is really worth cherishing and preserving. Why is it that this state was a Zen-like infusion into my soul? I crave the Montana experience. I’m making an effort to go back once a year so I can get my serenity fix. We look forward to skiing the highest mountain peaks and fishing in the rivers during summer. As I boarded the plane home I grabbed a local parenting magazine based out of Missoula with an adorable baby on the cover.  As I thumbed through it I thought, wow, this place is progressive too – the writing was alternative, deep and addicting. Damn, I was impressed. The magazine was Mamalode.com and after reading every page from front to back, I knew I had an anchor there. As writer and advocate for all things amazing for families.

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Why joy should be your main priority

“Stop! There is no where to go and nothing to do, but there is everything to be.” –Michael Brown
The magnificent journey of life is solely yours – what would you like to make of it today?  It’s a known fact that positive people are less likely to get sick and are overall physically healthier than those who hold a negative view of life…  I keep hearing Esther Hicks voice in my head, “Your life and everyone else in the Universe is playing the part that you have assigned to them.  You can literally script any life that you desire, and the Universe will deliver to you the people, places, and events just as you decide them to be. For you are the creator of your own experience-you have only to decide it and allow it to be.”  Each day I wake I know I am responsible for my own peace of mind.  I am also responsible for setting up a life that teaches my kids how to see themselves as their own greatest resource.  It is my strongest hope that we all stop looking at outside sources for a sense of achievement or well-being.  We all hold within ourselves the power to be all that we wish.  Over the years I have learned from Esther that  “If we knew our potential to feel good, we would ask no one to be different so that we can feel good. We would free ourself of all of that cumbersome impossibility of needing to control the world, or control our mate, or control our children. We are the only one who creates our reality.  For no one else can think for you, no one else can do it. It is only you, every bit of it you.”  Check out the post “The Habits Of Supremely Happy People” – it’s a fun read.  And for daily inspiration please visit my favorite quote site, SimpleReminders.com.

More quotes that will lift your spirits and motivate your soul…

We either make ourselves happy or miserable. The amount of work is the same.  –Carlos Castaneda

Fear less, hope more; Whine less, breathe more; Talk less, say more; Hate less, love more; And all good things are yours. — Swedish proverb

We are not broken. Never have been and never will be. –Panache Desai

The most precious commodity on this planet right now is present moment awareness. –Michael Brown

Creativity is the greatest expression of liberty.  — Bryant McGill

Your job is simply to be, joyfully expressing your own inner worth and the universe will find a way to take of you.  –Marianne Williamson

Happiness does not depend on outward things, but on the way we see them. — Count Leo Tolstoy

I’m not my past, a diagnosis nor product of my unfortunate upbringing. I am an emerging loving source here to prove life is worth living.  — Kimberley Blaine

When we are centered in joy, we attain our wisdom.  — Marianne Williamson

The best way to cheer yourself is to try to cheer someone else up.  – Mark Twain

The Grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for. –Allan K. Chalmers

I hope you will go out and let stories happen to you, and that you will work them, water them with your blood and tears and your laughter till they bloom, till you yourself burst into bloom. — Clarissa Pinkola Estés

I think happiness is what makes you pretty. Period. Happy people are beautiful. They become like a mirror and they reflect that happiness.   – Drew Barrymore

Learning to truly love yourself changes your relationship with everyone.  –Bryant McGill

While it does, and should, feel good to be appreciated by another person, if you are dependent upon their appreciation to feel good, you will not be able to consistently feel good, because no other person has the ability, or a responsibility, to hold you as their singular, positive object of attention. Your Inner Being, however, the Source within you, always holds you, with no exceptions, as a constant object of appreciation. So if you will tune your thoughts and actions to that consistent Vibration of Well-Being flowing forth from your Inner Being—you will thrive under any and all conditions.   ― Esther Hicks

If you’ve tasted happiness, I mean real joy, you’d never go back to anything else.  –Kimberley Blaine


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Pets and Groceries are consuming my time — How I mainstream my sanity with Post-it Products Evernote Collection

 The Go-To Mom Productions was compensated for the production of this episode/and or blog post by 3M/Post-it Brand. Kimberley Blaine will only promote, endorse and support companies she believes to have the highest standards in products and/or services that contribute to or enhance the well-being of families.

Getting your family organized can be an arduous process. When you add five pets in to the mix then it’s even more of a challenge. I have two busy kids and several furry creatures who keep me on my toes and who depend on me to keep their bellies full!  So you can imagine just how often I have to run to the store to keep the supply of food in stock. Since I’m a working mom running a company it’s quite the challenge to get all the errands run all by myself. My husband has been invaluable when it comes to getting things done around the house. He’s my Go-To Dad and is quite accustomed to the Post-it Notes process I’ve put in place. As you can see on the video I have basically organized the grocery and pet needs list on different colored Post-it Notes. Each day I clearly need to add more items to each list.

After a few days, when the lists are complete, someone has to go and pick up the items from different stores. All I do is snap a photo of the Post-it Notes with the Post-it Note Camera feature in Evernote and send it off to my husband. Snap, send and done. How cool is that?  On his way home from work, he has the completed list on his phone. He then keeps them in his family notebook in the Evernote app so we can share.

From shopping lists to pet care needs, Post-it Notes let you take what’s in your head and put it in front of you, making it impossible to forget for however long it remains in sight. No matter how long that is, it isn’t long enough. If it is worth writing down, it’s worth saving digitally because you never know if you’ll need it later. That’s why they’ve developed the Post-it Note Camera feature in Evernote that works with the Post-it Products Evernote Collection. With it, simply snap a photo of a Post-it Note. We then make the text searchable. Like everything in Evernote, your digital Post-it Notes are instantly available everywhere, so you’ll be able to find it easily. You can also search for Post-it Note since we auto-title these snapshots to include those words. It only takes a second, but this small new habit can have a tremendous impact.

Tip! Use the Post-it Note Holder Quad to keep uber organized!

If you want to do even more with your Post-it Notes, you can set different colors to be automatically organized in Evernote however you like. For example, make Electric Yellow your go-to for to-dos. Whenever you snap a photo of an Electric Yellow Post-it Note those images will automatically go into your To-Do Notebook. Do the same for other colors.

The Post-it Note Camera feature in Evernote is specially designed to enhance and transform your Post-it Notes into beautiful, digitally enhanced Post-it Notes saved in Evernote.

How to capture Post-it Notes using the Post-it Note Camera feature

Write clearly and legibly on a Post-it Note with any type of pen or ink. Then, go through the following steps to capture your Post-it Notes into Evernote:

  1. 1. Start the Evernote camera and swipe anywhere in the image capture area to select the Post-it Note feature.
  2. 2. Position the Post-it Note, including the edges, so that it is visible inside the frame
  3. 3. Tap the Snap icon to capture the Post-it Note. You can snap multiple notes one after the other and save it to the same Evernote note.
  4. 4. To preview the captured note(s) first, tap the Image Gallery icon. From here you can select particular pages to keep or discard. To discard a note, tap the Discard icon.

Get Yours Now – your pets will thank you for it! What other ways would you use the Post-it Products Evernote Collection?Buy Evernote Post-it Notes online or at your local office supply store. Get the Post-it Note Holder from the Evernote Market. The Post-it Note camera is available in Evernote for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone. Learn more about the Post-it Brand Evernote Collection by visiting your local office supply store and by visiting Postit.com/Evernote , Post-it Brand on Twitter (@postitproducts ) or Facebook (http://facebook.com/postit ).


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JW Desert Ridge Resort is Perfect for Kids Who Love a Lazy River!

 We decided to enjoy an Arizona family vacation since my sister lives there. The JW Marriott Desert Ridge resort features acres of swimming pools, Lazy River with waterslide, whirlpools and poolside dining and a huge grassy lawn to kick balls or to chase the little ones around.  The surrounding beauty was quite shocking, as it was so plush and green, and not something typical for the desert.  The kids stayed in the lazy river pool for hours on end! It took me forever to convince them to come with me to swim in the big water feature pool! The frozen cocktails were delightful and perfect to cool down with in the mid day heat. When the sun went down, we enjoyed the live band down on the terrace as the kids played on the grassy knoll across from us.  I could relax and watch the kids from where I was situated. This hotel is designed for families and the rooms are very upscale, clean and refreshing.  That’s an important feature I look for when traveling with the kids.  If you have toddlers and preschoolers they have two other water areas that just shout, “We love kids!” If you’re interested in a desert vacation be sure to check out the JW Desert Ridge

The Go-To Mom team was given a complimentary stay at the resort. Kimberley Blaine only supports products and services that contribute to the overall well-being of families and children.

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The Beauty and Bliss of My Soul Connection With Animals

 “Experience has taught us that we have only one enduring weapon in our struggle against mental illness: the emotional discovery and emotional acceptance of the truth in the individual and unique history of our childhood.” ― Alice Miller, The Drama of the Gifted Child: The Search for the True Self

      This Chinese Proverb hits home for me, “Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are. Growing up in home riddled with mental illness and alcoholism, I got my basic security needs met through my seventy-five year old neighbor, who I considered my default grandpa. He was a gentle old fella who loved cats — he had five.  I’d visit him every night as he ate dinner while I played with the cats.  It was a place where I felt love – a place absent of violence and threats.  His home was filled with soft cats and unconditional love.  I must have acquired some semblance of competence and resilience from those in the community who took me in so freely without judgment. I saw that the human condition can be stable, kind and compassionate. But it was through the pets that I felt so truly loved, calmed and it was how I defined compassion in my world.  My best girlfriends and their families helped me rise above difficult circumstances, allowing me to exist in this less-than-perfect world, while encouraging me to move forward the best I could.  As Ben Okri so eloquently states, The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love and to be greater than our suffering.” For me I am nothing without my fuzzy friends.

 It is no secret that I was and still am quite the pet collector.  I’m a huge advocate for pet adoptions and I am an active promoter of no-kill rescue shelters. When I was young, if I came across a stray cat I’d beg my parents to keep it. My cat named Celery had four of the cutest little kittens that I couldn’t bear it to give them away. When I was told they needed to find a home I ran next door to my grandpa Lloyd’s home and asked if he’d be willing to take one or two. He saw the puppy-dog look in my eyes and he took them all! I believe having raised all those kittens helped me build a sense of resilience and is partly responsible for me being a less self-destructive teen as I could of been. Growing up when I needed support or tenderness it was the cats I turned to for unconditional love and joy.

Fast forward to my adulthood…When I was pregnant and felt like I had no control over what was happening to the baby inside me, it was the warmth of my cat Monkey and the sound of her purr that calmed me down until the birth. I can’t emphasize the power and healing factors cats have played in my life both as a child and as an adult. I must thank all my cats in my life-time for providing all the bliss I needed before I new how to find it myself: Snowball, Frisky tuna, Celery, Baby Girl, Blackie, Tiger, Scooter, Chauncey, Fiefel, Snick, Max, Monkey, DeeDee and Bailey. A few years ago we added two beagle mix puppies to our family, and they too provide amazing love for us all. I am forever grateful for the powerful role that pets play in our lives.

Organizations such as Heeling Allies privately trains Mental Health Service Dogs, Emotional Support Dogs and Skilled Companion Dogs that enrich the lives of individuals living with psychological, neurological and developmental impairments. Emotional Support Dogs provide therapeutic, physiological and psychological benefits to individuals with special needs.  Emotional Support Dogs can also benefit older adults by providing affection, companionship, emotional comfort and support, and encouraging physical activity.  

The American Psychological Association say pets can serve as important sources of social and emotional support for “everyday people,” not just individuals facing health challenges, according to research a study found, pet owners were just as close to important people in their lives as to their animals and that people relied more on pets when their human social support was poorer. Psychologists at Miami University and Saint Louis University conducted three experiments to examine the potential benefits of pet ownership among what they called everyday people. They observed evidence that pet owners fared better, both in terms of well-being outcomes and individual differences, than non-owners on several dimensions,” said lead researcher Allen R. McConnell, PhD, of Miami University in Ohio. “Specifically, pet owners had greater self-esteem, were more physically fit, tended to be less lonely, were more conscientious, were more extraverted, tended to be less fearful and tended to be less preoccupied than non-owners.”


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Getting my act together — How I Keep up with the kids with Post-it Products Evernote Collection

 The Go-To Mom Productions was compensated for the production of this episode/an or blog post by 3M/Post-it Brand. Kimberley Blaine will only promote, endorse and support companies she believes to have the highest standards in products and/or services that contribute to or enhance the well-being of families.

It’s my family life that’s priority right now.  It’s important to me to ‘get it right’ and to feel good about all I do for my boys. Being organized means I’m a mom who cares. My boys both play baseball and are boy scouts. The duties I take on are never ending. One weekend the boys need to plan for their camp-outs, the next weekend we have to plan the snacks for the baseball team.  Planning is difficult and frustrating because my husband and I are never home at the same time. It’s super helpful to use the Post-it Products Evernote Collection when coordinating parental duties. We keep track of what needs to go to each game and camp out via Post-it Notes. Before a camping trip we compile a list of necessities. After a few days when the Post-it Note is complete we share it with dad via the Evernote app. In his spare time, the day before the trip he gathers the items from REI or Big Five sporting stores. I’m comfortable making the lists, but prefer for my husband to choose the camping gear for the boys. In the past my husband would have to always drive home first, pick up the Post-it Note and then run the family errands. With Evernote app it’s as easy as snap and send!

Now every one’s favorite Post-it Note is now Evernote’s new best friend. To keep our lives working like a well-oiled machine, we moms need to remember everything and work more effectively. It’s time to let your smart phone marry the Post-it Note. Have no fear! You’ll still be able to jot your notes down and organize your family’s world with all those pretty Post-it Notes. But now you can photograph all your colorful themed Post-it Notes and file them in the Evernote app and share them. So simple! You can see my Post-it Notes video here on their website [Link}

Here is how it works… Evernote has a dedicated Post-it Note Camera feature. With one tap, any Post-it Note is captured into Evernote, digitally enhanced and saved as a crisp, clear Evernote image. In the app Post-it Notes can be organized by color, have a reminder added or a due date assigned. Whether it’s a to-do list, a reminder, a sketch or a big idea, Evernote makes the Post-it Note searchable, providing users the flexibility of paper and efficiency of technology. The Evernote App is available for free from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch or at www.appstore.com/evernote. For more information on the Post-it Brand Evernote Collection , visit Post-it.com/Evernote.

Get Yours Now

Buy Post-it Products Evernote Collection online or at your local office supply store. The Post-it Note camera is available in Evernote for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone. How would the Post-it Products Evernote Collection help you and your family?

Learn more about the Post-it Brand Evernote Collection by visiting your local office supply store and by visiting Postit.com/Evernote , Post-it Brand on Twitter (@postitproducts ) and Facebook (http://facebook.com/postit ).


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Beaver Creek Caters to Kids

This Year the family went to Colorado for a little fun. I took to the ice this time and left the slopes for day two. Thank goodness I brought the Sony cyber-shot TX20 – it’s not only waterproof and freeze proof but you can drop it and no harm no fowl. Perfect for when your little ones want to use it and you know the inevitable drop is bound to happen! The Osprey at Beaver Creek offers an unforgettable family vacation by creating a modern, luxury hotel experience unlike any other you’ll find in Colorado. They gave us a 4 day complimentary stay which delighted the kids and me. The food at he hotel was so good, especially their bread/fried wrapped asparagus!  We went tubing and ice skating and shopped for next year’s ski wear in the village. But I have to say, riding up in the CAT snow plow at NIGHT to BEANOS restaurant/cabin was truly the highlight, it was so fun to be truck up in that big ‘ol machine on the snow at night! With a lift literally right outside our front door, it was so easy to get the kids off to ski school and for mama to hit the slopes.With Elegant amenities, exceptional service, and ski in/out lifts, we’ll be sure to come back for years to come! The staff at Vail Resorts were so accommodating and wonderful.

The Go-To Mom Productions was compensated for the production of this episode. Kimberley Blaine will only promote, endorse and support companies she believes to have the highest standards in products and/or services that contribute to the well-being of families with young children.

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Social Media Moms Unplug in the Big Sky Country at Paws Up Ranch

There’s nothing more relaxing than relaxing in the river front taking in the beauty of Montana. I took my sidekick Beth, the founder of Techmamas.com, with me to film this episode for Sony. Little did we know that The Resort at Paws Up  would be the next biggest love of our lives. It was more than eye candy it was heart melting. We will never forget how joyful it was to watch our children roam the land with their walkie talkies, riding horses, shooting bow and arrows and having an unforgettable chuck wagon dinner.

We filmed on this beautiful property to feature the newest cyber-shot HX 20V. This particular pocket sized camera has a 40x zoom lens which blew away my camera man, because I was able to photograph an eagle’s face with this tiny little camera. It’s hard to believe that Beth an I who are two very techie mamas could unwind and unplug for any period of time. We did it and we are so appreciative that we were able to experience the luxury of The Resort at Paws Up and capturing our memories on the new Sony Cyber-shot HX 20V.

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The Fine Art of the Perfect Family Getaway in Soutern California – Montage Laguna Beach

Montage Laguna Beach is an ideal retreat for families. You get what you pay for – five star service and a luxurious experience. The hotel is not cheap, but if you’re a hotel junkie like me, you’ll stash your cash and come back for sure… My family LOVES the beach and most of our family trips are beach getaways…Besides sun, sand and sea, the Montage has a realm of fun family activities and programs, right at the resort. We never wanted to venture out!  A beautiful  tortoiseshell colored bunny rabbit was always hopping around the pool area…We named the bunny, “House.” They said it’s their house bunny, so the kids said, “Let’s name him HOUSE!” So I called him “Hugh Laury” instead.

When my hubby and I wanted some time alone, we had Paintbox and Paintbox Petite at our disposal. It’s an amazing exclusive children’s programs that celebrates the art of being a child. And boy do they LOVE children…Paintbox is specially designed for children ages 5 to 12 and 2 to 5 respectively, The kids were running around all day, keeping fit, doing crafts and constantly engaged by the sweetest staff. Stacey, one of the Paintbox leaders, greeted our kids at the pool while we were swimming. Now, if that’s not door to door hospitality, than what is? All the kids at the hotel were smiling and having a blast.

I could go on and on about our stay, but I made a video to show our true affinity for the resort. The dinner, lunch and breakfast were all 5-star cousine. The staff were on top of everything. I’ve never been to a hotel were they actually treated us like we lived there. Just looking at the home page www.MontageLagunaBeach.com is enough to make anyone go and visit. It’s serene, classy and luxurious. Their slogan is more than true..

“A hotel is where you visit, the Montage is where you live.” Wow. We’re thinking of an excuse to go back real soon!

This is a perfect getaway for the day too. Check out the “Moms Chilling for the Day” Video. You’ll be sold for sure…

The Go-To Mom Productions was given a complimentary stay. Kimberley Blaine will only promote, endorse and support companies she believes to have the highest standards in products and/or services that contribute to the well-being of families with young children.

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Bing Makes Shopping A Lot Easier. Why Moms Are Using Bing!

Ah ha! I love that everywhere I go I can see what my friends like! Once you sign into Facebook, do a search on Bing and it will show you what your Facebook friends like right by the product or service you’re looking at — so you receive personalized search results based on the opinions of your friends. Very cool!

Bing has made my life a lot easier! I make most of my decisions online, and now I never have to shop alone again! With Bing, I can build a shopping list and share, compare and discuss it with my Facebook friends. From finding the best prices, to getting reviews from your friends you know and trust, Bing has you covered!

This episode is sponsored in part by Microsoft Bing. The Go-To Mom Productions/Kimberley Blaine was compensated for this promotional video. Kimberley will only promote, endorse and support companies she believes to have the highest standards in products and/or services that contribute to the well-being of families with young children.

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Bye, Bye Baby! Understanding Your Child’s Separation Anxiety

Saying good-bye is hard to do, especially if you’re the parent of a small child who suffers from separation anxiety. Parenting expert and author Kimberley Clayton Blaine says there is good reason behind your toddler’s tears and offers up helpful solutions for making your “so long’s” a little less stressful.

If you haven’t had that tinge of separation anxiety yet, you’ll have your turn!  Whether it’s you or your baby who’s suffering – we’re all bound to feel it at some point…It’s the moment every parent of a small child dreads: the good-bye. For parents of young children it can be a gut-wrenching, heart aching, guilt-ridden moment full of tears, protests, and quick getaways. Separation anxiety can ruin your workday, put a damper on your (rare!) dinner out, and keep you trapped to your house (and chained to your toddler). But parenting expert Kimberley Clayton Blaine says that doesn’t have to be the case- and there are some simple solutions that can make saying good-bye a little easier for both the kids and the parents involved.

Babies can show signs of separation anxiety as early as six months, but young children can experience it at almost any age.  One of the hardest scenarios for parents to deal with is dropping their clingy and crying toddler off at daycare. It can tug at your heartstrings and make you doubt yourself and your decisions. But the good news is that separation anxiety will pass- and there are some simple solutions to help you get to that point. Toddlers, she says, understand about people leaving before they learn about people returning- and they can tell from your actions that you’re about to leave. So for most children (and their parents) anxiety begins to build even before you’ve stepped one foot out the door.

Separation anxiety can show up in many forms. Your child may cry when you leave the room or refuse to be put down if she knows you’ll be leaving. Some children will even go so far as to follow their parents into every room all day long. It can be both frustrating and sad for parents when they feel as though they are causing their children sadness. But the good news is that there are some tricks to help you both feel better about times of separation.

For more great parenting tips check out Kimberley’s book, www.TheGoToMomsGuide.com.

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The Mom’s Guide to Being More Present

While you surround yourself with those who support you be sure that you also support other women.  Mom power is contagious.

What does ‘being present’ really mean?  I’m not speaking about being happy just hanging out with your dog, kids or friends.  What I’m alluding to is a deeper meaning of sustaining an overall internal joy. Being a mom can be exhausting and lonely — but it doesn’t have to be that way all the time. In my mind I see being present as being connected to all things important to us and not allowing ourselves to live in the past or focus too much on our future. All we really only have is today, right? You can Manifest mindfulness as a mom and as a woman — you can manifest real and worthwhile moments each day if you fall in love with your gentle truthful soul…

When I’m taken out of the moment, I remind myself to recalibrate. Here are some ways you can start to increase your present moment awareness:

Admit that you’re perfect JUST the way you are…  define your own perfection and live by it – There is only one you in this world and they’re people out there who can’t wait to meet you. You don’t have to change to be a better person – you are uniquely you. If you have behaviors that are holding you back or get in the way of every day life, then focus on that specific task. Change behavior, not your being. Becoming more self-aware allows you to identify those behaviors that may be hampering your life. But overall, the world and your kids need you just the way you are. Fabulous.

Meditate, practice yoga or quiet yourself daily – Screaming, wheels rolling across the floor, screeching, banging, and “MOM!” is all I hear for a good portion of my day. If I’m not removing my toddler’s diaper because his brother filled it with mud then I’m usually peacekeeping sitting on the floor with both boys. When I’m not with the boys, my husband, or my friends, then I’m working multiple jobs.  So you see how I need to quiet myself daily to keep my sanity!

If you are a mom, none of what I just said surprises you.  Moms are great multi-taskers and usually have an inordinate amount of patience.  I have sensory issues so my patience often tested –  the slightest of loud noises can set me into a tailspin. It’s a hard task to ask of one self to make a change— — especially with the added demands of raising children and maintaining a career.  Meditation or quieting is one way that can help us attain calmness — The calmness that is needed to think, process, and integrate our world. 

Meditation can be as simple as telling yourself, that everything will be okay. Life will work out. The power of subliminal thinking is very powerful.  Some evenings when I feel too anxious to sleep I ask my husband to tell me that everything will be fine and that I will sleep well. He’ll say it exactly the way that I asked him to.  It works every time.

Debra Wesselmann in her book, The Whole Parent: How to Become a Terrific Parent Even if You Didn’t Have One, states, “As a parent, when your child ego state is triggered your inner child takes charge of parenting! The purpose of meditation is to help you keep your present-day adult self in charge as you parent.  This is accomplished by separating out the child part of your self from the adult part.”

Take time to do something fun – when we engage is things we consider fun we raise our serotonin and oxytocin levels – the chemicals in the brain that make us feel good. Be sure you’re getting a daily dose! Laughing, phone call with friend, hiking, walking pets, if it makes you feel joy – do it at least once a day. You deserve it. A replenished mom makes happy kids.

Stop rushing – worthwhile things come when you’re intentional and patient – As moms we automatically rush everything! We find ourselves saying, “Get in the car, put your shoes on, eat your dinner, get in the bath”  – the list goes on and on. We rush because we feel we’ll never get anything done if we take our time. Slow down. Take a breathe. And know everything will get done. I sound like your Grandmother don’t I? I notice when I slow down, I yell less and listen more. Try it. You may not get kids to bed at exactly the right time, but who cares if it’s 10 or 15 minutes later anyway? A calm mom is much more fun to be around.

Planting the seed with your kids for cooperation – Planting the seed means preparing ahead of time by helping your child understand what to expect in certain situations and what will be expected of him. When expectations are clearly laid out, children are far more likely to cooperate and less likely to be disruptive or difficult. Each morning I ask my boys how they’d like their day to go. Then I let them know how I’d like mine to lay out. I always ask for their help and cooperation, especially when I have a long workday away from home.Planting a seed lets them digest the message and sets them up for success.

Ask for help – it lightens the burden of every day life – Asking family and friends for help can be an awkward and difficult thing to do. In fact, many moms avoid asking for help and end up trying to do everything themselves. You may find that once you take the step and ask someone for help, it is much easier than you expected. Many times, family members and friends are willing, but just don’t know how to help. Whether you work out of home – or part/full time or you stay at home, parenting can be physically and emotionally taxing. How often do you feel comfortable asking for help?  Rarely, right?  This is an essential step to making your dreams come true. Ignoring your own needs can lead you to become physically and mentally exhausted, and neglect relationships with your friends and family. Worse yet, it will stop you from pursuing the things that you love to do.

Keep the lines of communication open with others – One of the main reasons we may get depressed or burnt out on motherhood is when hit hard times we begin to become resentful. Resentment will break up any good relationship so It’s imperative to never allow that feeling to creep up on you. Resentment comes from constantly feeling disrespected, or being mistreated or short-changed. If you voice your concerns appropriately the minute you feel them you can avoid resentment from festering – being open to all your emotions is key. You pass on your emotional intelligence to your kids.

Have set time each day when all electronics go OFF for the evening – All the cell phones are off in our family at dinnertime and stay off. No computers, iPads, DS’s. This is the optimal wind-down time for the soul. Right before we go to bed, we need to calm our senses and center ourselves for a good night’s sleep. Families engage more when no one is looking at a screen. Try it.  You’ll love the IRL love you get when the screens are dark!

Read or do something that inspires you before bedtime  - What ever you don’t process in your waking hours your mind will process during sleep. It’s important that you eliminate all stress, agitating imagery or bad energy before bedtime. Give your mind something wonderful to process so your subconscious can absorb and process the positive

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, a guru of self-development, has great recommendations for you before you slumber!

·       As you lie in bed preparing for your nightly slumber, remember that the last thought you have in your mind can last up to four hours in your subconscious mind. That’s four hours of programming from just one moment of contemplation prior to going into your unconscious state. Create a reminder like a prayer or mantra to place by your bed. Write these words and read them as you get comfortable: I am going to use these moments to review what I intend to manifest into my life. Keep that sign there to remind you how to spend your pre-sleep moments nightly.

·       If before dropping off to sleep you are assailed by worry, distress, or fear, do not stay in bed. Get up, turn on the light, take a few deep breaths, read from a spiritual text, meditate for a few moments in front of a white candle, say a prayer—do anything other than staying there lying down. You cannot defend yourself against these onslaughts while remaining snug in your bed. If distressing feelings come back when you return to bed, get up, turn on the lights, and try something else. When you finally do feel peaceful back in bed, repeat your loving I ams and drift off to sleep ready to have your ears opened and your instructions sealed.

Leave Post-it Notes to yourself in areas you’ll see them with inspiring soul-boosting reminders – Don’t underestimate the power of subliminal messaging! Some believe once you write it down, then it comes true. I have a post note above my desk that says, “I am responsible for my own peace of mind.” Try it. It can be as simple as “I will forgive myself” or “Happiness and peace will run my day.” Get more inspirational messages at SimpleReminders.com

Never cancel or postpone a coffee date with a friend or trusted colleague.  Trust me, there is nothing more fruitful and empowering than two women sharing their time.  I also know that no other event or appointment would benefit you more than that coffee date.

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