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Kimberley Clayton Blaine, MA, MFT, is the executive producer of the Go-To Mom series and the producer of the branded entertainment show www.MommytoMommy.TV. She is the author of The Internet Mommy & The Go-To Mom’s Parents’ Guide to Emotion Coaching Young Children. In September 2011, Kimberley was named one of the most powerful moms in social media by Working Mother Magazine. Currently, she is a spokesperson for Lego Duplo, Disney Consumer Products, Schick Intuition, and Sony Electronics digital imaging. Kimberley is also a national parenting expert and a licensed Family and Child Therapist specializing in working with children newborn to seven years old. Connect with Kimberley Clayton Blaine on Google+

Mammoth. Family Style. Dine. Ski. Play. The biggest mountain you’ll ever love.

I’ve been skiing at Mammoth Mountain since I’ve been 13 years old. In the 7th grade I rode up to Mammoth on a Greyhound type bus with over 20 of my Junior High buddies. The mountain in some ways has not changed at all. I still see the reminisce of how things used to be. Not much has been updated as the main lodge is still standing and I kind of get a kick out of dining in the same cafeteria as I did as a kid. Mammoth still has the reputation of being a college hang out for boarders and youthful skiers  – no different from when I used to drive up there in the 80’s with my convertible down and my skis propped in back seat of my VW Rabbit.

But now I’m a mom. I’m known as the militant mom of skiing. My kids know the drill: Rise and shine, put on your first layers, eat, boots, jackets and out to the lifts. As a mom I now need amenities that help me and the kids enjoy our experience off and on  the mountain.  Sometimes we stay at Eagle lift, so convenient and quiet. I love the condos as we can cook for the kids each day. However on this trip we stayed at the landmark Mammoth Mountain Inn. The location is amazing and the hotel, yet being around since 1959, is at the base of the mountain, and is quaint and very convenient. The issue for us was food – not so easy to access food items at this location. See my recommendations for dining out in Mammoth with kids while still having a nice grown-up dinner and cocktails. All our breakfast and lunch were at the main lodge, which is called Broadway Market Place, and is still pretty damn good food for cafeteria style.  I found the cutest little portable wine glasses there called Stack Wine. Pretty handy for outings! And of course, for mid-day and mid-mountain cocktail while waiting for kids to zoom down and meet mom, I love Mill Cafe – can’t beat a $5 mimosa!

Our top picks places to dine with kids all ages:

Mammoth Taverna little joint off old Mammoth Road in a strip mall that offers a rustic bar experience, trendy apertifs, great appetizers, select high-end meals and great desserts. They have WiFi, so your kids will love to dine there. The chocolate bread pudding is worth ordering.

Gomez’sSlap dab in the center of the Village is this family gem. This place has been in business over 20 years! Don’t be fooled by their outdated website, their food, and over 500 types of tequila is enough case to visit! The interior is lovely and quite large…plus they have cool mini sand beach outside the patio for your little kids to play in while you enjoy a après ski drink or peach margarita with dinner. The owners are gracious and have an understanding that most families who ski still want great food and drink even when kids are dining with them. The fried ice-cream was delightful.

Angels Dinging – Great BBQ and away from the hustle and bustle of the village. Kids love the dessert menu. The dirt ice cream with gummy worms was a hit!

SEE MY VIDEO on WOOLY’s Tube Park and other FUN things to do in Mammoth!


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We were built for challenge and greatness. Reasons we must claim our happiness

“We are not broken… never have been and never will be.” Penache Desai

We are all born pure and innocent. How can we get back there and show the world what we’ve got?

It isn’t until about the sixth year of life children are expected to behave like little adults. At this time in our lives we realized we must stop our childish ways, buck up, be silenced and conform to adult norms. As we navigate our childhood into adulthood we lose the rawness of the self and shed the innocent nature of our soul. We harden each year we grow. We learn to be judgmental, insecure and self-conscious as we step into our adult armor. Knowing this today will better equip you to accept the child within that emerges in your present adult life. This inner child who hardens is often seen as our ego self… When we positively meet our inner-child’s needs and integrate past unsolved issues, we bring that innocent self back and feed the soul. When you starve or numb your inner child, you encourage your ego to go outside itself to find power. The ego will stop at nothing to win and take down others with little regret.  Our greatest feat as happy human beings is to get back in touch with the pure and loving self that we were born into. Loving and nurturing the real soul keeps the ego in check.


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Social Media Moms Unplug in the Big Sky Country at Paws Up Ranch

There’s nothing more relaxing than relaxing in the river front taking in the beauty of Montana. I took my sidekick Beth, the founder of Techmamas.com, with me to film this episode for Sony. Little did we know that The Resort at Paws Up  would be the next biggest love of our lives. It was more than eye candy it was heart melting. We will never forget how joyful it was to watch our children roam the land with their walkie talkies, riding horses, shooting bow and arrows and having an unforgettable chuck wagon dinner.

We filmed on this beautiful property to feature the newest cyber-shot HX 20V. This particular pocket sized camera has a 40x zoom lens which blew away my camera man, because I was able to photograph an eagle’s face with this tiny little camera. It’s hard to believe that Beth an I who are two very techie mamas could unwind and unplug for any period of time. We did it and we are so appreciative that we were able to experience the luxury of The Resort at Paws Up and capturing our memories on the new Sony Cyber-shot HX 20V.

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Savoring Life’s Sweet Spot – Stop Killing Your Inner Guide

“Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.” ~ Omar Khayyam

There is no perfect person or a perfect place to be. Living in the past keeps you continually stuck. Striving only for the future leaves you absence of today’s presence. Somewhere in between lies the meaning of life, the sweet spot. Yet, how do we strive to be the best when we have issues or wounds from the past? How can we say that we’re trying our hardest if we don’t plan for the future? Where is this in between? We have choices when we walk our unique road — we can stumble upon the rocks, walk around the rocks or clamor down upon the rocks. Thinking that we do not have a choice is where we go wrong. It’s our awareness that makes us deliberately conscious on how we walk the path laid ahead.  How much pain can you endure? The more psychic pain you can experience the sweeter the after moments will be. When we put off feeling emotional pain or resist opening and dealing with our baggage we lose opportunities for joy. The more skeletons we shove in the closest the less room we have for happiness and god-given authentic living.

As Oprah says, “There is no such thing as luck.” Opportunities only come to those who are prepared  — prepared for their life destiny. When external noise and superficial issues become distractions we loose site of the shore. When we lose site of the shore, we disconnect from our purpose, our dream and our destiny. Our destiny is out of reach when we believe we don’t have choices. What are your distractions, the things that keep you from being prepared? I ask this because when you’re ready life comes. It’s comes big, it comes ready to deliver all you deserve and desire. The longer you’re willing to keep your hands tied behind your back the more likely you’re a believer of luck. Just like the lotto players say, “If I’m lucky, I’ll win.” That’s not how it works. What we all desire is NOT right in front us – it’s inside of us. It’s our job to tap into that energy and insight. I ask again…what are your life distractions? And what are you willing to do to live your destiny?

 My goal today is to live a state of grace and lightness. I will not invite struggle or drama. I will say yes more and smile often.


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Trim Your Kids’ Nails the Fun Way!

Sometimes it tough to get kids to do the things we need them to do, like sit still for a nail trimming. Try this fun game and see how the magic unfolds through storytelling.

Check out Kimberley’s book, www.TheGoToMomsGuide.com!

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Tonight Bedtime, Tomorrow The World! The Smart Bed Your Kids Will Love – That Assists in a Great Night’s Sleep.

“Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.” Thomas Dekker


I was truly blown away when I showed up to CES and saw the bed and the sophisticated technology in person.  This modern bed, called the SleepIQ Kids by bed by Sleep Number, helps parents learn about their kids’ sleep and how it impacts their day, and gives parents and kids the tools they need to improve their sleep. My kids and I can view the sleep dashboard on the iPhone or iPad to see how well we’ve slept and how our sleep was impacted by daily activities such as sports, studies, exercise, stress and late night snacks. We can learn what to do to achieve better sleep each night. Equipped with my child’s individual sleep knowledge I can help my little monkey boys achieve optimal sleep. Establishing good sleep habits now sets up kids for a lifetime of quality sleep.

As mom who always worries about my boy’s sleep I think the best part about the SleepIQ technology it that it monitors presence in bed, average breathing, average heart rate and movement, using a full-body algorithm to assess quality of sleep, assigning a SleepIQ score for each night’s sleep.  My kids and I can monitor routines that and learn our individual level of comfort and support of our bed (Sleep Number setting); and make adjustments to give all of us quality sleep, helping us develop healthy sleep routines now and for life! And you know we moms LOVE the option to raise our kid’s beds when they’re sick and have stuffy noses! I can control the angle with my iPhone!

The SleepIQ Kids bed features eight smart solutions that improve sleep for both parents and children:

  • Family connected, sleep perfected: The SleepIQ® technology sleep dashboard lets parents see how the whole family is sleeping.
  • Know the comfort they’re getting: The bed adjusts and grows with kids. They can adjust the firmness of their bed for comfort and support – their Sleep Number® setting.
  • Lifts them up when they’re down: Head-tilt feature is for reading in bed or comforting stuffy heads.
  • No more kiddos jumping out of bed: Alerts parents when their child is out of bed or restless.
  • Stars for young dreamers: Make bedtime fun again with rewards for good sleep.
  • Night bright, night light: Parents can turn lights off remotely–when their kids are sleeping tight.
  • Twinkle, tinkle: Soft under-bed light guides children when they get up during the night.
  • Monsters be gone!: Sleepyheads rest easy with a fearless monster detector.


See how it works, it will knock your socks off!

Kimberley’s post is sponsored by Sleep Number. Kimberley Blaine will only promote, endorse and support companies she believes to have the highest standards in products and/or services that contribute to the well-being of families with young children.

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Happy Hydration For The New Year With @DripDrop


The holidays are a bustling, happy, and thoughtful time of year. They offer us the opportunity to spend quality time with family, catch up with friends, and share beloved traditions that make this time of year, every year, a truly special and memorable season. As 2014 comes to a close, however, it’s also a great time to reflect upon the past year and make plans for an even better one to come, so when it comes to New Year’s resolutions, fresh starts, and busy holiday seasons, one thing I like to stay mindful of is hydration. It’s a subject I know I’ve talked about before, but it’s so important for overall health and well-being, and it’s a particularly wonderful way to ring in a New Year at your best! And those of you who know me, know I LOVE my wine! As you celebrate this year and consume alcohol or caffeine, be sure to stay hydrated — it is the key to optimal health.

Our bodies are made up of sixty percent water, which helps to flush toxins out, transport nutrients to cells, and keep skin from feeling dry, parched, and flakey. Proper hydration also aids with digestion, circulation, and immunity boosting, which are particularly important during the holidays with all of those rich foods we love, and of course the flu season we hate! Colder weather can also mean drier air and regular use of heaters in our homes, cars, and workplaces, which makes skin dull and chapped too.

When we’re not hydrated, we can feel tired, sluggish, unmotivated, moody, and have difficulty staying focused and alert. Muscles get fatigued more quickly too, and endurance suffers; when you’re a busy mom, constantly on the go, these are hindrances you just don’t have time for. Your kids don’t like to be slowed down either, and not only do their bodies have a higher water proportion than ours do, but they’re also more sensitive to temperature and illness as well, so making hydration a New Year’s resolution for the whole family is a great idea!

I like to keep a water bottle with me on the go, as a reminder to drink more water, and if your kids are tougher to encourage, try adding some DripDrop for flavor and electrolytes, or letting them pick out their own water bottle to pack, one that will be only for them. This can help make drinking water a fun thing that they feel a sense of responsibility for too. You can also make an effort to incorporate a glass of water into a few of your family’s regular, daily activities, which will help make hydrating an unconscious habit. After all, studies show that patterns and habits, both good and bad, are established early in childhood, so your good example now can set healthy practices for your kids as adults too.

Happy holidays to you and yours, and for this New Year, I wish you a healthy, happy, and hydrated fresh start!

The Go-To Mom is a spokesperson for DripDrop. Kimberley Blaine only supports products and services that contribute to the overall well-being of families and children.


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Love Park City! The Charm, Skiing & Snow Sports Will Keep You Coming Back Each Season!

Sponsored by Fera Style Ski Wear

Why comprise style when you have the Montage Deer Valley? If I’m going to stay somewhere other than my own cozy, zen-like home, it better be as good or better.  The Montage Deer Valley is a luxurious mountain lodge with grand fireplaces at every corner. The Montage is just an hour and a ½ flight from Los Angeles and 36 mile drive from Salt Lake City Airport and overlooks the charming and historic town of Park City. The Montage Deer Valley welcomes you with premier accommodations and true ski-in/ski-out access to one of America’s number #1 ski resort.

Just because one prefers the elegance and sophistication of high-end resorts doesn’t mean you can’t bring your children to enjoy it with you. The Montage treats my kids better than any one else. I love seeing babies toddling down the halls, preschoolers stomping snow off their boots in the lobby and grandparents chasing their grand babies. The hotel’s abundant family friendly activities encourage a love for the great outdoors. Don’t fret though, when you need your adult alone time — which I do, you can call upon Paintbox, The Montage’s children’s program, for kids ages 5 to 12 where they enjoy games, crafts, movies and engaging activities. Outside play includes active choices like show shoeing or mountainside scavenger hunts that bring budding explorers closer to the wonders of the wild. Be sure to have your kids in the lobby at 11 am or 3 pm to meet Monty, the official Montage snow dog. I’m completely in love with Monty, however, he seems to never remember me when I come. But that’s okay because the hotel photographer snaps plenty of photos of you and Monty to take home!

Montage Deer Valley lodge also provides exciting activities for both grown-ups and kids. I enjoy relaxing in the nurturing surroundings of their huge Spa, which is a whopping 35,000 square-feet. The spa is one of my favorites of all hotels I’ve ever been too. It has beautiful treatment rooms, a large gorgeous indoor lap pool showcasing breathtaking views with serene meditation areas warmed by the crackling fire.  At the end of the day it’s fun to play billiards with the family, bowl or play arcade games at Daly’s Pub & Rec. Relish true ski-in/ski-out access to Deer Valley Resort. Or revel in the authentic romantic charms of Park City’s historic Main Street and countless year-round cultural events.

Zip Line Through the Snowy Mountains!

I stayed super warm and looked chic in my Fera Style Jacket. I covered my boring old helmet with the cute Helmet Huggers hat! When I wasn’t skiing I jumped into other fun mountain attractions. At The Canyons Resort I took a thrilling ride 110 feet high on the crazy Flying Eagle zip line! The two-person ride is open all winter too! Kids and adults must be 42″ tall, but no weight minimum. And it starts and ends at the same location, so you can ride again and again and again. At Park City Mountain, the adjacent resort, I took a toboggan ride on the Alpine Coaster and it went all over the mountain! It was surreal. You zoom through the beautiful Wasatch mountain scenery as the automated lift system whisks you to the top of the track. Then, hold on tight as you go whizzing down the mountain on nearly 4,000 feet of curves, bends and loops. Your kids will flip out over this!

Dining for all tastes

When I got off the slopes of Deer Valley I settled in for a hot buttered rum drink at Royal Street Café — which is in the Silver Lake Lodge at mid mountain.  My drink was a mix of spiced rum, vanilla butter, whipped cream, nutmeg and butterscotch schnapps. I was quite full from my luscious cocktail so I had the the fresh Dungeness Crab Tower for lunch.  The location is perfect for après-ski or dinner after a long day glorious skiing!

Peeps like me and from all around the world love to visit Zoom restaurant in downtown Park City to connect with the past and taste the best of the present! Zoom has one unique history which makes it all the reason to book your reservations there. Plus the trout is local and very delicious.  Zoom occupies, an iconic Union Pacific Railroad station from 1886 at the bottom of Main Street. When it opened for service, a local newspaper – The Park Record – reported: “The building is one of the finest in Park City…the design is modern tasteful and brilliant yellow paint adorns it on all sides.” It became a center of commerce and community life.

Burgers and Bourbon is situated in the Montage Hotel. By far this is our favorite bar! The bartenders serve iconic drinks inspired by America’s Golden Age of Cocktails! They even let me concoct my own ski-mama cocktail and they made it to perfection! The view is gorgeous and burgers are yummy and are made with a blend of the finest farm raised beef, topped with a selection of local artisanal cheeses. After dinner get a milkshake! They are divine.

If you want to feel as though you’re truly dining in the Alps book a table in advance of your trip at the popular Fireside Dining located in the Empire Canyon Lodge right out in front of the Montage Hotel. It has a set menu of four courses served from stone fireplaces. The first course was a warm Swiss raclette cheese, cured meat and fruit. I think I gained 5 lbs on the cheese alone! A full bar is available, as well as specially selected wines and imported beer. Horse-drawn sleigh rides are available for hire or consider an adventurous trek before dinner on snowshoes.

Basically you need four to five days to enjoy the breadth of Park City. But be careful, if you love mountainside living, you just may move there. I’d say in about five years, I may be a resident no-doubt. As Dan Howard, the PR director of the Montage, says each time he sees me, “Welcome Home Kimberley.” It melts my heart no matter how cold the weather is!

Be sure to check out Park City’s MLK weekend deals! Great time to bring the kids since it’s a long weekend!

 The Go-To Mom wardrobe was outfitted by Fera Ski Wear and Helmet Huggers.  Her accommodations and lift tickets were provided by Park City for the production of this episode. Kimberley Blaine will only promote, endorse and support companies she believes to have the highest standards in products and/or services that contribute to the well-being of families with young children.

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Mud and Slop: Why Nature Play is Good for Kids

Did you know that by providing your child the opportunity to play outdoors increases self-reliance and cooperation with others? It also reduces stress and acting out. Children are smarter, happier and healthier if they have time for unstructured play in the great outdoors. Rocks, sand, mud, twigs, water and tree stumps are all examples that make up a great outdoor play. Being outdoors is a simple pleasure. Outdoor play enhances child development. Children can label, classify and experiment with the elements of nature.  The wonderment simply never ends.  I see nature as a child’s sixth sense.

I’ve been a supporter of Biophilia (which is the love of the outdoors) for years, and I make efforts to provide natural play areas in my own back yard. My older son is a Mud King and my younger child is the Mud Prince.  Everyday, all year round, you can find my boys sloshing, digging and creating in their custom mud pit.  Ah, the life of a child…

Adventures in nature peak enthusiasms and joy  — so let kids get down and dirty where they learn, live and play.

For more great parenting tips, check out Kimberely’s book, The Go-To Mom’s Guide.

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My Appearance on the Today Show – My 3rd point is below (which was not conveyed in segment)

I was on the Today Show (with the awesome Emily McKhann) and unfortunately my 3rd point was not made due to time constraints so I wanted to post it to complete my take on this site and the motivation behind it.

No mom intentionally posts “rage inducing” comments on her FB page, which is part of the subtitle of Blair’s new book. Her platform is not just for humor, the very nam

e of her site is mean spirited and judgmental –let’s call a spade a spade, she takes mom’s posts with out permission, which are completely hijacked out of context from FB community, and will be publishing them for profit. Being a mom is a unique and mind boggling experience, and supporting each other can be done in many ways other than mockery.

“When we judge or criticize another person, it says nothing about that person; it merely says something about our own need to be critical.”
– Unknown


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Why You or Your Child May Need a Good Cry

      “Your intellect may be confused, but your emotions will never lie to you.” Roger Ebert

As a child every time I cried I was told to stop.  My parents told me whatever I was crying over wasn’t worth it.  As a result of such parental constraint I held back my tears for most of my young life. Then, when I finally left home for college, I found myself crying for long periods of time over issues that were big and small. Not being able to cry when I was young made me hold on to the past and resent myself when I felt tears coming on. I trained myself to never get emotional, to be stoic because crying was a sign of weakness.

If you let the air build up in a pressurized bottle it eventually bursts.  What parent wants that for their child?  My children are very efficient criers — They do it well and often.  At times I feel that they’re making up for all those years of crying I missed out on.

            It’s natural for parents to not want their child to cry.  Crying today is still seen as a form of weakness. However, crying serves many positives functions in early childhood and beyond.  Crying is a way of communicating emotional distress as well as heightened happiness.  Letting your child cry is okay and healthy.  Babies cry because it’s their basic form of communication.  Preschoolers cry because they don’t have the ability to tell us exactly what they’re feeling emotionally. After a good cry it puts us in a better state to talk about what we’re feeling.  Love and support your crying child, spouse or friend even when you think what they’re crying about may seem silly or not that important. 

            As children get older they eventually learn to express many of their feelings without tears.  However, if they’re not permitted to cry when they’re young they lose a golden opportunity to explore and master their internal world. Mastering your emotions enhances social intelligence.  Children will continue to shed tears for the rest of their lives when in physical and emotional pain – so prepare them to accept tears as healthy and normal.  Teach your child to move through life’s tough moments with strength and confidence – which at times may include a good cry. 

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The Mom’s Guide to Being More Present

While you surround yourself with those who support you be sure that you also support other women.  Mom power is contagious.

What does ‘being present’ really mean?  I’m not speaking about being happy just hanging out with your dog, kids or friends.  What I’m alluding to is a deeper meaning of sustaining an overall internal joy. Being a mom can be exhausting and lonely — but it doesn’t have to be that way all the time. In my mind I see being present as being connected to all things important to us and not allowing ourselves to live in the past or focus too much on our future. All we really only have is today, right? You can Manifest mindfulness as a mom and as a woman — you can manifest real and worthwhile moments each day if you fall in love with your gentle truthful soul…

When I’m taken out of the moment, I remind myself to recalibrate. Here are some ways you can start to increase your present moment awareness:

Admit that you’re perfect JUST the way you are…  define your own perfection and live by it – There is only one you in this world and they’re people out there who can’t wait to meet you. You don’t have to change to be a better person – you are uniquely you. If you have behaviors that are holding you back or get in the way of every day life, then focus on that specific task. Change behavior, not your being. Becoming more self-aware allows you to identify those behaviors that may be hampering your life. But overall, the world and your kids need you just the way you are. Fabulous.

Meditate, practice yoga or quiet yourself daily – Screaming, wheels rolling across the floor, screeching, banging, and “MOM!” is all I hear for a good portion of my day. If I’m not removing my toddler’s diaper because his brother filled it with mud then I’m usually peacekeeping sitting on the floor with both boys. When I’m not with the boys, my husband, or my friends, then I’m working multiple jobs.  So you see how I need to quiet myself daily to keep my sanity!

If you are a mom, none of what I just said surprises you.  Moms are great multi-taskers and usually have an inordinate amount of patience.  I have sensory issues so my patience often tested –  the slightest of loud noises can set me into a tailspin. It’s a hard task to ask of one self to make a change— — especially with the added demands of raising children and maintaining a career.  Meditation or quieting is one way that can help us attain calmness — The calmness that is needed to think, process, and integrate our world. 

Meditation can be as simple as telling yourself, that everything will be okay. Life will work out. The power of subliminal thinking is very powerful.  Some evenings when I feel too anxious to sleep I ask my husband to tell me that everything will be fine and that I will sleep well. He’ll say it exactly the way that I asked him to.  It works every time.

Debra Wesselmann in her book, The Whole Parent: How to Become a Terrific Parent Even if You Didn’t Have One, states, “As a parent, when your child ego state is triggered your inner child takes charge of parenting! The purpose of meditation is to help you keep your present-day adult self in charge as you parent.  This is accomplished by separating out the child part of your self from the adult part.”

Take time to do something fun – when we engage is things we consider fun we raise our serotonin and oxytocin levels – the chemicals in the brain that make us feel good. Be sure you’re getting a daily dose! Laughing, phone call with friend, hiking, walking pets, if it makes you feel joy – do it at least once a day. You deserve it. A replenished mom makes happy kids.

Stop rushing – worthwhile things come when you’re intentional and patient – As moms we automatically rush everything! We find ourselves saying, “Get in the car, put your shoes on, eat your dinner, get in the bath”  – the list goes on and on. We rush because we feel we’ll never get anything done if we take our time. Slow down. Take a breathe. And know everything will get done. I sound like your Grandmother don’t I? I notice when I slow down, I yell less and listen more. Try it. You may not get kids to bed at exactly the right time, but who cares if it’s 10 or 15 minutes later anyway? A calm mom is much more fun to be around.

Planting the seed with your kids for cooperation – Planting the seed means preparing ahead of time by helping your child understand what to expect in certain situations and what will be expected of him. When expectations are clearly laid out, children are far more likely to cooperate and less likely to be disruptive or difficult. Each morning I ask my boys how they’d like their day to go. Then I let them know how I’d like mine to lay out. I always ask for their help and cooperation, especially when I have a long workday away from home.Planting a seed lets them digest the message and sets them up for success.

Ask for help – it lightens the burden of every day life – Asking family and friends for help can be an awkward and difficult thing to do. In fact, many moms avoid asking for help and end up trying to do everything themselves. You may find that once you take the step and ask someone for help, it is much easier than you expected. Many times, family members and friends are willing, but just don’t know how to help. Whether you work out of home – or part/full time or you stay at home, parenting can be physically and emotionally taxing. How often do you feel comfortable asking for help?  Rarely, right?  This is an essential step to making your dreams come true. Ignoring your own needs can lead you to become physically and mentally exhausted, and neglect relationships with your friends and family. Worse yet, it will stop you from pursuing the things that you love to do.

Keep the lines of communication open with others – One of the main reasons we may get depressed or burnt out on motherhood is when hit hard times we begin to become resentful. Resentment will break up any good relationship so It’s imperative to never allow that feeling to creep up on you. Resentment comes from constantly feeling disrespected, or being mistreated or short-changed. If you voice your concerns appropriately the minute you feel them you can avoid resentment from festering – being open to all your emotions is key. You pass on your emotional intelligence to your kids.

Have set time each day when all electronics go OFF for the evening – All the cell phones are off in our family at dinnertime and stay off. No computers, iPads, DS’s. This is the optimal wind-down time for the soul. Right before we go to bed, we need to calm our senses and center ourselves for a good night’s sleep. Families engage more when no one is looking at a screen. Try it.  You’ll love the IRL love you get when the screens are dark!

Read or do something that inspires you before bedtime  - What ever you don’t process in your waking hours your mind will process during sleep. It’s important that you eliminate all stress, agitating imagery or bad energy before bedtime. Give your mind something wonderful to process so your subconscious can absorb and process the positive

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, a guru of self-development, has great recommendations for you before you slumber!

·       As you lie in bed preparing for your nightly slumber, remember that the last thought you have in your mind can last up to four hours in your subconscious mind. That’s four hours of programming from just one moment of contemplation prior to going into your unconscious state. Create a reminder like a prayer or mantra to place by your bed. Write these words and read them as you get comfortable: I am going to use these moments to review what I intend to manifest into my life. Keep that sign there to remind you how to spend your pre-sleep moments nightly.

·       If before dropping off to sleep you are assailed by worry, distress, or fear, do not stay in bed. Get up, turn on the light, take a few deep breaths, read from a spiritual text, meditate for a few moments in front of a white candle, say a prayer—do anything other than staying there lying down. You cannot defend yourself against these onslaughts while remaining snug in your bed. If distressing feelings come back when you return to bed, get up, turn on the lights, and try something else. When you finally do feel peaceful back in bed, repeat your loving I ams and drift off to sleep ready to have your ears opened and your instructions sealed.

Leave Post-it Notes to yourself in areas you’ll see them with inspiring soul-boosting reminders – Don’t underestimate the power of subliminal messaging! Some believe once you write it down, then it comes true. I have a post note above my desk that says, “I am responsible for my own peace of mind.” Try it. It can be as simple as “I will forgive myself” or “Happiness and peace will run my day.” Get more inspirational messages at SimpleReminders.com

Never cancel or postpone a coffee date with a friend or trusted colleague.  Trust me, there is nothing more fruitful and empowering than two women sharing their time.  I also know that no other event or appointment would benefit you more than that coffee date.

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How to Make a Gingerbread House Out of Tissue Boxes!

I actually made this video in 2007, so please forgive me for the low resolution! LOL. But you and your kids should try this great holiday craft for Christmas! Make an affordable and easy gingerbread house out of a tissue box! So fun! Kids of all ages love this!  And good way to RECYCLE!   #holidaycrafts #gingerbreadhouse  #Crafts #holidays #Food #Candy #HowToMake #Video Share your holiday crafts in the comments below! We’d love to see what you do for the Holidays!



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The immense joy and mental health benefits of #PetAdoption

Guest Contributor: Heidi Ganahl, CEO of Camp Bow Wow

It’s an alarming statistic: over 7.6 million animals enter animal shelters nationwide every year, yet only 29% of cats and dogs are adopted nationwide.

In honor of October’s National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, those considering adoption can look to rescues for their new family member. Most shelters house a wide array of animals, including purebreds, and will work with you to find the best pet for your family.

Benefits of Pet Adoption

  • General Benefits - There’s a reason that they say dog is man’s best friend. Having a pet, not limited to dogs, is something that everyone should experience at some point in their life. Pets can be calming, mood lifting, empathetic, and so much more. They teach you how to be selfless and responsible as you are caring over another life (for those of you without children).  Generally speaking, they make you happy.
  • Save the Life of a Shelter Pet – Only 29% of cats and dogs are adopted from shelters; the rest are left to live in the rescue centers or, worse – euthanized. Bottom line: Adopting a pet saves their life. Give a dog or cat a home they wouldn’t have otherwise.
  • Stress Reduction - Some studies show that people begin to feel less anxious after spending less than an hour with an animal. There are endless benefits from lowering your stress level and while the things that we find stressful in our lives are often hard to cut out, including an animal in your life can help.
  • Helps with Depression - In some cases, therapists suggest to patients suffering from depression that they adopt a pet. An animal will love you unconditionally and also be a great friend and listener. People with depression often benefit from having a pet, as the animal can help them get out of the house and out of their own head.
  • Engaged Mind - A key to a healthy mind, especially for those who are elderly, is staying engaged with others. A pet is often a conversation starter and being out with a pet often warrants questions or comments from passersby. Bringing your dog to a dog park is a great way to meet other people with similar interests.

Factors to Consider

  • What breed are you looking to adopt? Different breeds have different characteristics and you will want to understand the types of behaviors that may be displayed by your new family member. You need to understand the energy of your household, the size of dog that you can handle, how much exercise you are able to provide and more. If your family tends to be very low key, you do not want to choose a high energy dog that needs tons of energy. If you live in a small space, a very large dog may not be the best for your family. Think about all of these variables before choosing your new pup.
  • Who will care for the new pet? Be sure your new pet correlates with the ages of those in the household. A good rule of thumb: the new pet should fit the current physical capabilities of the caretakers with a perspective for what the next 10-15 years will bring.


If you have children in your household, enrolling your new pup and family members into an obedience class should be high on your priority list. Children need to learn how to safely interact with the dogs so that accidents don’t happen. An experienced trainer will help the whole family understand how to safely interact with your new family member.

  • If there are elderly members in a household, a strong vigorous adolescent pet is not advised. Large breeds also demand more physical upkeep, something that an older person may have trouble performing.
  • Does your family have an opinion on their newest member of the family? Although it is exciting to surprise the family with a new pet, do some research and poll each family member to find out what they are looking for in a new pet so that the pet you choose aligns with the household. Once your family has chosen a breed that suits the family’s requirements, the best approach is to bring the whole family to meet the potential new family member and gauge how they all interact.
  • Are you financially ready for this responsibility? A new pet can go for “free-to-a-good-home” to several thousand dollars. A budget must be set not only for the upfront cost of taking the pet home, but also for immediate follow-up costs like veterinary check-ups, a training crate and pet obedience classes. Also keep in mind that your pet will need to be fed and groomed and will also need chew toys and additional supplies like food bowls, a dog bed, brushes, leashes, etc.  Also keep in mind the necessary chunk of money needed for veterinary emergencies. You might also think about getting pet insurance for your new family member to help keep the cost of veterinary bills more affordable.


Adoption can be seen as a two-way street, as a rescue can benefit not only the animal they are taking in, but also the new owners as well. Heidi Ganahl, CEO of Camp Bow Wow, North America’s largest and fastest growing pet care franchise and INC 5000 company, has offered her insight regarding the benefits of pet adoption and important factors to consider, which are listed below for your consideration.

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Make time for bonding and relationship strengthening with your kids.

“A man travels the world over in search of what he needs, and returns home to find it.” – George Moore

The most important thing to me is having a playful and strong relationship with my boys. As a woman, I don’t relate to many ‘boy’ things. But what I can do is play, be silly and make sure we share amazing bonding moments together. My son doesn’t like to read much so before bed we do more physical, stretching, snuggly giggly type of play. He’ll try to get me to play pokemon cards, but seriously I don’t understand the game and it’s adding numbers, so I usually pass on that one! We aslo just got him a kitten so we have a lot kitten play. He built an amazing castle for her and she loves it! We take photos of all his amazing creations so he can remember what he’s built! I am so thankful that my husband had my camera this morning. It’s rare I ever get to capture my sweet time with my sons. What’s your favorite thing to do with your kids? Tell me! I’d love to know!

“Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.” -Charles R. Swindoll

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