Invisalign Treatment during my scout’s busy summer travel


Sponsored post. I am so thankful to be a part of the Invisalign Mom Advisory Board and to have my son help me document his entire Invisalign treatment.

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This summer is quite the adventure for our family! My 15 year old started his Invisalign treatment in April and we’re pretty excited to see the changes in his smile. I know my son is responsible, he’s a scout, however I do get worried that he may loose a tray while he’s away camping. And this month I was concerned because he’s at the national scout jamboree for 3 weeks, and we don’t want him to misplace or leave his trays in a random bathroom! Luckily our orthodontist said he has many replacement trays if any get lost and not to fret, he can wear one tray as long as he needs to until he gets back. Whew! It’s peace of mind knowing Invisalign treatment can be flexible to meet our scout’s busy and rigorous schedule. We can also speed up his treatment when he returns and has more access to seeing the orthodontist.


So far he’s had no discomfort. He had little buttons attached to a few of his teeth to hold the Invisalign trays in for more secure movement… this stage is serious business now! His trays are a little tight the first day he gets into a new set. About every two weeks, he gets a new set of trays that gradually move his teeth. The orthodontist said he’d most likely have a 15-month treatment, depending on how he’s progressing. The key is to have our son wear his trays at least for 22 hours. But you know teens, they forget, want to eat all day and that’s when mom comes around and becomes the Invisalign police. LOL. Although last week I said, “Why are you not wearing your trays! You know you need to have them in mid-day!” He replied, “They are in, you just can’t tell.” Well, there you have it, even I can’t tell even when I’m close up to my own son! Stay tuned for more progress!

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