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How is Your Mommy Confidence? Take Time For Quiet and Fun!

I believe that a mommy’s inattention to self-care can hamper the quality of her parent-child and wife-husband relationship.  A few years ago I wrote a fun little book called “Mommy Confidence” to empower all moms who are going through what I went through shortly after having kids. Back then there weren’t many blogs, so I had to journal on my computer. Then I eventually turned my work into a few books! My vlog started about 5 years ago and today I still find social media not only a great platform to market my business but a wonderful place to bond and connect with like-minded parents, moms and professionals.

Back to mommy confidence now! I really believe that when times get difficult, whether due to economic or unfortunate circumstances moms need to accept and find peace in their lives.  There is always time for change.  Children learn invaluable lessons when they see their mother toughing it out and still being a cheerleader of life.  Children inherit maternal strength and confidence. Taking time off is essential for good mothering. No one really ever plans on being a martyr-mom. When I fall into that role my kids will eventually see me burn out and witness my unravel.  Taking time off from chores, work and family can be very ‘mommy enhancing.’ A happy woman makes a happy mom.

Mommies do a great job managing their families and children and I encourage moms not give up hobbies and activities that invigorate them.  I see mommies waiting to pursue their dreams until their children are much older, but then it’s too late.  I believes moms should pursue their dreams now—it is never too late to be your children’s best role model by showing them how you take care of yourself and actively seek optimal well being. What do you do to reclaim balance, motivation and your inner diva?  It’s a fine balancing act, or better yet a list of prioritizing your days…  but I have faith that moms can do it.  Share, we want to know what you do to keep that mommy self-esteem pumping?

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How social networks influence the way moms make money, view life, find friends and raise kids in today’s digital world

As my kids grew older and I became more involved in turning my business into an online business, I realized that I owe so much gratitude to the ‘circle of women’ I met on the Internet and have grown attached to. I started my Internet endeavor completely alone. However, I continue to produce and flourish within a group of brilliant and fascinating women who all work and play online. I wrote a book about my online experience because I am in awe of how the Internet can change lives and truly touch the human soul.

The Internet has truly broadened my reach to other women who find their livelihood online. My current book: “The Internet Mommy: Inspiring Interviews and Stories from Mothers Who Work and Play Online,” explores how social networks influence the way online moms make money, view life, find friends and raise kids in today’s digital world.

The moms who contributed content my book- ranged from tech-savvy to irreverent to spiritual. Regardless, all of the moms had a point of view and words of wisdom to share. The wide-ranging content comes from A-list sites including TwitterMoms.com, a savvy social networking site for moms; I’m Not Obsessed, a popular celebrity mom blog; TechMamas, a technology blog with a parenting slant; and White Trash Mom, the mom who is on a crusade against perfection. There is a long list of truly clever ideas from truly clever women.

6 Easy Steps to Incorporate Social Media in to Your Business:

1. Expand your brand by being a part of collaborative blogs or social networking communities that fit your business niche
2. Use social media tools (such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) to connect with others – people like to see that businesses have a face
3. Write articles and put information out on other community sites and forums in your area of expertise to increase traffic back to your site
4. Set up a Goggle Analytics account to track your web stats and visitor traffic.
5. Put out surveys to learn more about your audience
6. Create an online newsletter to keep your audience engaged and coming back to your site.
7. Most importantly, talk to other women who have success online in the area that you specialize in.

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