Don’t Toss Your Kids Out With The Bath Water! Is Motherhood a Two-Headed Beast?

Watch Kat from and Kimberley discuss the two sides of mommyhood. One day with the kids can be peachy and the next day leaving us with the emotional aftermath of a tornado. What do you do to keep your mommy sanity when you know that your kids won’t always be predictable? Do you go with the flow or lose it?
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Embarrassing Public Encounters: How to Teach Social Grace

Have you ever been so embarrassed when your child makes a comment in public that is completely and utterly offensive?
Here are some ways to help teach your child social grace:

  • -Teach the value of Privacy. Define the word “private” so that when you use it, he knows what you mean. Let your child know that if they have questions about people, their ailments, handicaps or physical appearance that they should ask you in private. Remind them of  “not wanting to hurt someone’s feelings.”
  • -Be honest and matter-of-fact, never ridicule or punish your child for saying inappropriate things in public, You want them to continue to learn about our diverse world and help them develop polite social behavior.
  • -Encourage them to ask questions, lots of them, but in private.  Curiosity, by far, is wonderful teaching tool.

For more information, check out Kimberely’s book

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Children Who Are Sad

All children can feel sad at times, but sometimes sadness may last too long.

For more parenting tips, visit Kimberley’s book page, The Go-To Mom’s Guide.

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