How to Deal with the Child Who Lies

Parents pass on values and morals to their children. Your child will learn honesty and dishonesty where they live, in the home. You may be alarmed the first time you hear you child has lied.  Preschool children that lie usually don’t have a serious problem, Sometimes they have a hard time distinguishing the difference between reality and fantasy. And boy do they love to tell elaborate tales!  This is most common in preschool children, who still have an amazing fantasy life and can’t yet distinguish between right and wrong. Children may also lie to avoid being punished or because they are imitating adult behavior.

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Baby Discipline: Is there such a thing?

Discipline means to guide, and boy does baby need to be guided. Loving, gentle guidance is baby’s first lesson with you. Let her know what she can and can’t have.

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Fun Physical Indoor Games for Kids

When it’s so dang hot outdoors I have to come up with innovative ways to get my kids moving and grooving so that they get the appropriate exercise their little bodies need. First off, we go outside in the heat for only a little while and play with ice cube in a big bucket. Then we come in and set up safe obstacle course made of pillows, soft balls and toys. Luckily we have long hallways for which they can run up and down without knocking things down.

Fun Games to Play Indoors

1. Sharks and Alligators: Place mats or pillows all over the house and have kids jump from pillow to pillow to keep from getting snapped up by the sharks or allegators!

2. Hall-Way Toss: Have kids sit at each end of the hallway with a stash of soft balls. They can toss one at a time to eachother or throw all of the balls at once. Fun, crazy and wild!

3. Duck, duck, goose: Do I really need to explain this?

4. Pillow Relay Race: Have children stack pillows up to chest (so they can see) and have them race to see how many pillows drop on the way to the finish line. Or see how many times they can run back and forth without dropping the pillows.

5. Balloon Volleyball: Bat a balloon around and try to keep it off the floor, this is a great cardio exercise for kids and parents!

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Common Childhood Fears

Understanding your child’s fears and what to do or when to seek help.

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Changing Table Tips

You never know when your little tyke is going to take a little roll off the table. Try this fun, innovative tip to keep your baby interested, giggling and less likely to roll off the table!

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