The Go-To Mom’s Parents Guide: Emotion Coaching Young Children



“The Go-To Mom’sTMGuide offers parents concrete help. Kimberley Blaine reminds us that building strong relationships with our children is the cornerstone of humane and loving discipline and offers emotion coaching as an unique, effective, and peaceful, way to help our children and ourselves in times of conflict.”~ Peggy O’Mara
Editor and Publisher, Mothering Magazine“Kimberley teaches us that paying attention to your child’s emotions really matters, and she offers real world examples for how to be a better parent. We could all use a Go-To Mom.”~ Gary M. Blau, Ph.D.,
Chief, Child, Adolescent and Family Branch US Department of Health and Human Services SAMHSA/Center for Mental Health Services
“If you’re tired of doing battle with your children, you must read Kimberley Blaine’s, The Go-To Mom’s Guide to Emotion Coaching Young Children. Her emotion coaching techniques will help you to stay calm and facilitate communication with your child through even the most challenging circumstances. Learn to give up the bribes, spanking and yelling — and achieve a more peaceful parenting experience!”~ Susan M. Heim, Chicken Soup for the Soul editor and co-author, Boosting Your Baby’s Brain Power

“Many mothers are confused and anxious– worried that they won’t be able to navigate a successful path through the maze of advice, values, pressures, and needs that they face in being a parent. Kimberly Clayton Blaine is a reliable guide and her book will help women take a deep breath and find a satisfying way to be a good mother and still hold onto the best of who they are as people.”

~ James Garbarino, PhD
Professor of Psychology at Loyola University Chicago Author of Raising Children in a Socially Toxic Environment

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