#MeetMotoX – the new touchless phone with tricked out voice command by @Motorola

People are skydiving out of space ships. But you can’t design your own phone? Not anymore. Now Moto X lets you choose the front, the back, the accents, the wallpaper, the memory, and even a short message. It’s all your call.  Love this new phone by Motorola,  Best parts are the camera shake feature, quick capture feature and the OKAY GOOGLE NOW voice command (watch my video for example).  A perfect phone for busy moms. My son calls it the GOOGLE phone. He’s so excited to get his hot little  hands on it. He’ll spend the day making say, “okay Google now tell me the capital of… ” so clearly mom will be doing part of his homework for him! I look forward to getting the phone and giving it a test drive. Once I have mastered it, I’ll make a another video with a lot more detail. For now enjoy this video above ;-).