Good Bye Lice! Ewww! Our Recommended Treatment That Works!

When your kids gets lice it can leave you feeling helpless and sometimes angry. You may feel, “Who gave this to my kid?” and then spend hours cleaning your bedding, house and toys. I’m no stranger to lice. My kids have had it twice. It is horrible. I’m OCD so I go into a complete tizzy when I see it. My husband has to calm me down so I don’t hyperventilate. Bugs in my kid’s hair? Noooo! After many uses of the typical lice over-the-counter shampoos, we have found the perfect treatment that ACTUALLY WORKS! And it’s natural, which is very important to us. We are bigs fans of – give them a try, you’ll be very pleased.

Parents and kids love these natural products loaded with organic herbs to cleanse, condition, style and most importantly, help repel hair lice.

Our Rosemary Repel® line is infused with organic herbs of rosemary, citronella, lavender, and tea tree oil – all fragrances which have been shown to help repel lice. A study done in the Israeli Medical Journal showed that citronella was the most effective herb- but we already knew that! Our products were independently tested and proven to be nearly 100% effective when used together and according to instructions. Our Lice Good-Bye uses all natural yeast enzymes to dissolve nit “glue” and break down the skeletal system of a louse and nit (egg) – a much more effective treatment than products such as Rid or Nix. All of the Fairy Tales products are paraben and sodium laureth sulfate free and use the finest ingredients such as Vitamins A, B, E and passion flower, aloe, jojoba, rose hips, sage, cherry bark and chamomile to help make bath time an easy time for parents and children.

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Kimberley Blaine and Mariel Hemingway Talk About Healthy Living

It was a pleasure to head over to Mariel‘s home in Malibu to get a glimpse at how she lives. I cuddled with her white cat and pet her two doggies as the camera crew set up. I couldn’t wait to show her my new Sony Cyber-shot, as she is a healthy life style advocate and I knew she needed a camera to showcase her craft.

She says, “Creating a healthier body and mind allows us to do more and live a longer, more vibrant and meaningful life. It is my belief that the choices we make, the information we seek, and the food we eat are integral to our well-being.”

Mariel has written books about life, yoga, nutrition and well-being including a cookbook. She has created a company called Mariel’s Kitchen in order to share her passion for living a healthy, happy life. Through making positive, intentional choices about food, movement, home, and silence, she has found her center and balance.

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Before You Turn on the TV, Make a 3D Art Project!

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